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Nursing Care Partner - AHH & Encore (PRN) - {Senior Nursing Students ONLY}

Job Details

Arkansas Heart Hospital - Little Rock, AR
Per Diem


  • This position is designed for Senior Nursing Students with a desire to work in adult critical care nursing upon graduation from RN school.   Must be open to working day, night or weekend shift upon graduation. 

This position is responsible for assisting clinical team members by performing a variety of duties for patients within the patient-focused care system and under the direction/supervision of a registered nurse. Assumes, under the direction of the Laboratory, responsibility for patient specimen testing, quality control, quality improvement, and equipment maintenance.

Primary Duties

Primary Functions:

  • Assures admission paperwork is available and actively participates in the admission process.
  • Actively participates in administering patient care and ensures a safe and comforting environment.
  • Responds to patients needs in a timely manner.
  • Assists patients with ADLs, including meals, bathing and hygiene needs.
  • Performs/assists with range of motion exercises and ambulation. Performs cardiac rehabilitation exercises with patients per protocol.
  • Performs/assists with positioning patients and transferring patients from bed to chair or wheelchair or stretcher. Transports patients as needed.
  • Reports changes in condition to the RN in a timely manner.
  • Maintains personal responsibility for professional growth and development.
  • Applies the knowledge of growth and development to appropriate patient populations.
  • Maintains patient confidentiality.
  • Maintains universal precautions.
  • Performs Point of Care procedures in a timely manner according to established policy and procedure. Documents required information and complies with all Point of Care quality control standards.

Technical Activities:

  • Observes intravenous lines for adequacy of fluids and operations and reports any non-functioning line visually observed.
  • Performs superficial oral suctioning with a Yankauers.
  • Establishes patient setup/connection tasks including inputting patient specific data such as SaO2, and EKG.
  • Demonstrates ability to perform 12 lead EKG.
  • Collects specimens such as urine, stool, or sputum.
  • Obtains weight and basic patient information for new admissions.
  • Monitors and performs vital signs using a variety of equipment, and reports to RN.
  • Performs blood glucose monitoring.
  • Performs ostomy care.
  • Performs surgical preps on patients.
  • Ability to assist MD/RN in removal of sheath and applies manual pressure or c-clamp after hemostasis has been established.
  • Observes sheath site for signs of bleeding and notifies RN of any changes.
  • Ability to apply single dressings and to assist RN with more complex dressings.
  • Provides clerical support as needed.

Staff/Unit Responsibilities:

  • Utilizes resources in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Participates in peer review.
  • Participates in developing other staff.
  • Maintains and develops own competencies.
  • Maintains and promotes a team spirit through active cooperation and collaboration.
  • Assists in interdepartmental service coordination.
  • Actively participates in the Performance Improvement and Utilization Review program.
  • Assumes a role in the maintenance of the patient-focused care delivery system.
  • Provides services to the physicians, within his/her job description and competencies.
  • Supports the multi-skilled worker environment (i.e., cross training).
  • Demonstrates willingness to staff other areas of the hospital as needed.
  • Assists with patient charges as are necessary.
  • Maintains knowledge of and confirms to hospital policy and procedure.
  • Assures that patient equipment and supplies are available and are in working condition.



  • Education: High school graduate or G.E.D. certificate required. Must be a Senior Nursing Student.
  • Licensure/Certification: None required. CNA and/or paramedic certification (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) paramedic certification) preferred. BLS certification required within the first 30 days of employment. Basic EKG skills required within 6 months of employment. Certification is to be renewed by recommended renewal date on certification card.
  • Experience: With CNA and/or paramedic certification, no experience required. Without CNA or paramedic certification, minimum of one year patient care experience in a nursing home or hospital (acute care setting preferred) or one year nursing school required.
  • Essential Technical/Motor Skills: Ability to manipulate various types of electronic and clinical equipment, adjust and troubleshoot monitoring equipment and computer equipment.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Must possess the ability to interact and to communicate with all levels of staff, physicians, patients, and families in an effective manner, based on the patients willingness to and ability to learn. Must be sensitive to cultural and bilingual issues.
  • Essential Physical Requirements:
  • Patient Care Partner transfers patient to perform medical job duties. Requires vertically transferring patient weighing up to (50 lbs.) from (23) to (36), up to 3/shift.
  • Patient Care Partner transfers hardware and monitor from room to room. Requires vertically/horizontally transferring hardware and monitor weighing up to (25 lbs.) from (70) to (70), up to (6/shift), a distance of up to (150 feet) without mechanical assistance.
  • Patient Care Partner transfers patient in bed, EKG, pump, wheelchair, meals on cart, crash cart, stretchers, AV cart and other medical equipment. Must horizontally transfer patient requiring a force up to (40 lbs.), up to (15/shift), a distance up to (50 feet.).
  • Patient Care Partner must access medical supplies to perform job duties. Requires repetitive assumption of posture to access a point (12 inches) from the floor, up to (12/shift).
  • Patient Care Partner stands to perform job duties when indicated. Requires tolerance of standing posture up to (1 hr.) continuously, for a total of up to (7 hrs.) per (12 hrs.).
  • Patient Care Partner must tolerate working environment with outside temperatures, including excessive heat, cold, and precipitation, when escorting patient to transport.
  • Patient Care Partner requires (Near/Far/Depth) vision to read orders, materials, monitor (all in English), to transfer patient in wheelchair and beds.
  • Patient Care Partner walks to access hospital and campus and perform job duties. Requires walking up to (1.0 mile), in (12 hrs.).
  • Patient Care Partner is required to manipulate threaded parts to perform job duties to connect/disconnect computer hardware.
  • Patient Care Partner is required to transfer patient from supine to side-lying position (log roll) and to sit position, up to (6/shift).
  • Essential Sensory Requirements: Ability to respond to patient/family needs by interpreting verbal and non-verbal expressions. Ability to collect sensory data, analyze political dynamics and intervene appropriately.
  • Exposure to Hazards: Requires exposure to communicable diseases and potentially contaminated body fluids and bio-hazardous materials. OSHA risk factor: Category 1. Potential risk of physical injury due to moving machinery and supplies.
  • Other: Knowledgeable of the mission, vision and values of the hospital. Operates within the concept of patient-focused care. Evolves into an effective team member. Must adhere to dress code, good grooming and personal hygiene habits. Cognizant of and conforms to all hospital policies and procedures.

Key Relationships

  1. Maintains positive relationships with internal customers. Is effective in interacting with others and problem solving.
  2. Maintains positive relationships with external customers. Is effective in interacting with others and problem solving.
  3. Proactive in meeting customers needs. Responds promptly to customer needs or requests.
  4. Keeps Director informed of problems, recommends solutions.
  5. Participates in education/development of peers and other staff


  1. Develops specific work plans and due dates.
  2. Follows through on planned assignments within assigned timeframes.
  3. Effectively prioritizes assignments.
  4. Demonstrates a willingness to accept extra assignments.
  5. Adjusts to change, work pressures or different situations without undue stress.
  6. Demonstrates skill in developing improvements in work methods.
  7. Effective in cost control and resource utilization


  1. Adheres to dress code, conduct and attendance policies.
  2. Accepts both positive and negative constructive feedback.
  3. Attends at least 80% of in-services and departmental meetings.
  4. Demonstrates a supportive/positive attitude toward the hospital and fellow employees is a positive team member.
  5. Expresses self in an organized, comprehensive, articulate and concise manner.