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CYSC Comer Corps Intern

Job Details

Chicago , IL
$15.80 - $15.80 Hourly


Position title: CYSC Comer Corps Intern 

Position reports to: Varies by cohort 

Status: Part Time Hourly, Seasonal: 10 hrs/wk winter-spring, 20 hrs/wk summer, 10 hrs/wk fall 

Salary: $15.80/hour 


About the Comer Education Campus 

The Comer Education Campus (CEC) has been recognized as one of the most unique youth-serving organizations in the nation.  Our mission is to help young people prepare to be well rounded global citizens who are ready for college and careers.  We primarily serve youth in middle and high schools, while providing employment opportunities and counseling supports to our alumni. 


Located in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, the campus is anchored by the state-of-the-art Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC), Gary Comer College Prep High School, and Gary Comer Middle School.  Programming is offered in three primary categories: academics, enrichment, and college and career preparation.  Together we serve nearly 2,000 young people annually. 


Position Summary 

GCYC’s Chicago Youth Service Corps (CYSC) program, Comer Corps, will serve 40 young adults in 5 cohorts: 10 members in Future Community Leaders, 10 members in the Community Technical Resource Team, 5 members in the Restorative Practice Team, 10 members in the Community Urban Agriculture Team, and 5 members in the Community Engagement & Resource Team.   

The Future Community Leaders cohort will work with the Directors and Associate Directors at GCYC to learn from the experts and leaders running our organization. Members of this cohort will get firsthand experience working in a variety of fields including youth development in various fields, community engagement, and grants management and finance. Participants will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to operate a community center. With their assigned Director, members will work on special projects and help to execute daily functions like assisting with correspondence with partners, organizing agenda items for community meetings, facilitating surveys and focus groups with community partners, staff and youth.  

The Community Technical Assistance (Tech Team) cohort will complete technical assistance trainings and projects while also serving as a resource to address technical inequalities and lack of technical resources in the community. Through this experience, participants will gain knowledge and experience working in AI, Cyber Security, and Help Desk support, including Google Career Certificates, CompTIA, and Personas. The team will facilitate trainings and provide technical services for programs and the community, as well as host tech-based activities at community events.  

The Restorative Practice Team (Restore Corps) will work with the community to identify challenges and growth areas in terms of safety and peacekeeping about GCYC and the surrounding community, to then complete solution-oriented projects based on their findings. They will learn restorative principles, including strategies on how to repair individual/community harm—while ensuring affected groups are involved. Members will bring the community together and assist in the creation of positive relationships, through facilitating peace circles, discussions on well-being and social-emotional tools, summits, and executing safe, intergenerational events.  

The Community Urban Agriculture Team (Comer Crops) will provide youth and young adults with immersive experiences in community food systems, food sovereignty work, and other fields related to urban agriculture. The goal of the cohort is to promote environmental literacy and education, increasing individual agency within the local food system in order to build community resilience and decrease reliance on outside food sources. Comer Crops members will serve as “Green Ambassadors” and work on GCYC’s 1.75-acre, onsite urban farm and other gardens, forging deeper connections to the earth while providing all community members increased access to healthy and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs year-round.  

The Community Engagement & Resource Team (Street Team) will engage the community through targeted and strategic marketing campaigns and space activations to share resources and publicize upcoming events, assistance, and other available supports. Working with the other four teams within the Corps, the Community Engagement & Resource Team will promote and coordinate the sharing of projects and resources acting as a street team. This cohort will collaborate within the Corps as well as with the Greater Grand Crossing Community Anchor Council, the 5th and 6th Ward Alderpersons’ offices, local churches and community centers, and other potential partners. 


Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

Program Operations: 

  • Serve the GCYC and Greater Grand Crossing community as part of the work of one of the 5 Comer Corps cohorts 

  • Regularly complete My CHI. My Future (MCMF) playlists as required by the City and assigned by direct supervisor 

  • Participate in paid, mandatory professional development, team building, and service opportunities with the entire Comer Corps 

  • Maintain an accurate timecard by punching in and out at scheduled times 

  • Communicate about work issues (attendance, tardiness, performance, instructions) in writing with direct supervisor 

  • Responsible for special projects assigned by direct supervisor, the Center Director, or Executive Director. 



  • Embrace/demonstrate the values of the Comer Education Campus:   
    • Youth Power 

    • Innovation 

    • Wellbeing 

    • Community Commitment 

    • Equity and Inclusion

    • Joy 

  • Contribute to and maintain a productive and engaging work environment where employees feel safe, comfortable, engaged, and capable of being successful. 

  • Believes in continual improvement and has high expectations of themselves and their colleagues 

  • Intentionally and continuously strives to promote a culture that values and strengthens diversity and inclusion. 



  • Must be a current Chicago resident with proof of residency (state ID etc.) 

  • Must be able to work legally in the US 

  • The ideal candidate is between the ages of 18 and 24, and has completed or is no longer enrolled in high school 

  • Interested in community service and engagement, excited about working alongside youth development professionals at the Gary Comer Youth Center 


Core Competencies 

  • Strong project management and organizational skills. Must be able to initiate and finish projects. 

  • Able to communicate effectively with youth, co-workers, stakeholders and families in a respectful and culturally competent manner via written and oral communication. 

  • Must enjoy working with teams but can also work independently. 

  • Enjoys being the leader but is also confident enough to take directions from others. 

  • Must be able to take initiative and problem solve. Must be a creative thinker. 

  • Demonstrates strong accuracy in all areas of work and possess adaptive vitality. 

  • Must have basic computer literacy skills, including Microsoft Office, independent use of the internet, and ability to learn and properly utilize software systems. 

  • Abides by the employee handbook and established GCYC policies and procedures. 


Physical Work Requirements & Environment: 

The GCYC environment is consistently bustling with youth and community members. The Center’s work is fast paced and varied. Our work is done on site where our youth and families are. Therefore, it is required that team members meet the following requirements: 

  • Have the ability to lift up to 25 pounds. 

  • Able to complete administrative work in a shared office space within a youth center.