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Emergency Communication Specialist I

Job Details

Main Office - Commerce City, CO
Full Time
High School Diploma or Equivalent
$24.38 - $25.73 Hourly


REPORTS TO: EC Supervisors, Operational Managers, Deputy Director, Executive Director


FLSA STATUS: FLSA Full-Time, 40 Hour Work Week, Various Shift, Hourly, Non-Exempt

The ECS I, II (Call Taker/ACSC) position is a highly professional position that is responsible for specialized work. This position is responsible for mitigating incoming emergency and non-emergency calls via an IP based telephone system, extracting information regarding the call to prioritize and initiating entry to the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. This position searches for warrants, vehicle registration and drivers information as appropriately requested. This position has limited dispatch of animal control officers. This position also plays a critical role in safety of the public and first responders throughout Adams County. This position requires handling of highly sensitive and confidential information. The position environment is a 24 hour, 7 days a week operation and assigned shifts work varying hours, weekends and holidays, to include, but not limited to day shift, swing shifts, grave shifts. The position is required to work one (1) weekend day each work week as a part of the assigned shift work week. Hours assigned are based on a seniority shift bidding process. The ECS I, II position is an entry level position.

1. Receives calls for service, provides instruction to callers if needed and enters calls in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system for appropriate dispatch based on the priority to the proper response agency or agencies including:
Animal Control
Code Enforcement
Other City/County Departments
2. Responsible for monitoring and responding to several radio channels at a time with duties that include:
Answering incoming radio calls from field units.
Updating, maintaining, and documenting all field activity using the CAD system.
Assisting field units in locating addresses and streets
Providing additional call information as it becomes available and any other needed information requested by field units in an efficient, timely manner.
Relaying pertinent information to other law enforcement agencies and or/ambulance companies as needed via radio, phone, or teletype.
Providing vital Responder safety information from CAD system to departmental employees.
Providing necessary information to maintenance crews, signal crews, tow companies, utility companies and various other non-public safety agencies.
3. Makes inquires, entries, cancellations, and modifications in the CCIC and NCIC systems, including:
Understanding of basic criminal classifications and civil situations.
100% accuracy in entering into the CCIC/NCIC computer systems persons, articles, vehicles, etc.
Monitoring CCIC/NCIC terminal and handling confirmations and appropriate paperwork.

4. Responsible for providing pre-arrival medical instructions using PowerPhone, including:
Obtaining EMD certification.
Completing required continued education to maintain certification.
Maintaining required certifications for continued employment.


    Valid unrestricted Colorado Drivers License or Colorado Identification Card
    CPR Certification

    Demonstrate knowledge of computer terminal procedures for both Colorado Crime Information Computer (CCIC) and National Crime Information Computer       (NCIC).
    Demonstrate knowledge of basic computer software applications and basic computer hardware components.
    Demonstrate knowledge of Police and Fire Department organization, operations, and personnel to include city government structure and council members          (city and county) during disasters and high-profile events.
    Maintain geographic knowledge of all law enforcement and fire agencies, businesses, and jurisdictional changes within each jurisdiction.
    Type accurately and at a speed necessary for successful job performance.
    Multitask on a consistent basis.
    Proficient with personal computers and windows-based applications.
    Utilize a headset for phones/radio and accurately hear what is going on in a busy communication environment.
    Use clear speech and effectively communicate under pressure and unusual circumstances.
    Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses and target areas for personal self-development.
    Demonstrate initiative in performing job tasks.
    Exhibit problem-solving skills leading to sound judgment and quality decisions.
    Achieve goals, handle assigned workload and new assignments effectively; demonstrate an ability to work independently.
    Communicate effectively with individuals and groups using clear and concise verbal and written communications.
    Demonstrate accountability for work and take ownership in job performance.
    Demonstrate accuracy and quality of work; take steps to correct mistakes and improve the overall work product.
    Effectively mitigate a high volume of calls and radio traffic at any given time.
    Understand and follow written and oral instructions, communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively in normal, stressful and/or emergency situations; orally,          in writing and via radio systems in a clear voice.
    Establish and maintain control over situations as they develop and act quickly and calmly during an emergency situation making quick, reasonable, and              effective decisions.
    Deal tactfully and courteously with the general public, and at times abusive, antagonistic, and argumentative callers; establish and maintain effective                    working relationships with superiors, public safety personnel and the public.
    Remains calm and controlled under stressful situations. 
    Able to function well in a high-paced and at times stressful environment.  
    Interpersonal skills Applies emotional intelligence skills, understanding, friendliness, courtesy, tact, empathy, cooperation, concern, and politeness to                 others and relates well to different people from varied backgrounds and in different situations.  
    Effectively and efficiently interview people in a state of crisis via telephone or Teletype Device for the Deaf (TDD).
    High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

    Must be able to work in the United States with proper documentation.
    Minimum of 18 years of age or older.
    Must possess a current active Colorado Drivers license
    Must pass a pre-employment criminal background check.
    Successful candidate must submit to post-offer, pre-employment physical examination and medical history check, if required.

    Work various shifts including nights, weekends and holidays as assigned in a 24/7 work environment.
    Constant sitting to perform daily tasks for extended periods of time, occasionally walking through a multi-level facility to perform daily tasks, frequent                   standing sometimes for extended periods.
    Frequent squatting, reaching above the shoulders and twisting to file documents, supplies and material; occasional bending, kneeling, climbing, balancing,         and reaching below shoulder to store documents, material, and supplies.
    Constant light grasp, fine manipulation, and handling to perform daily duties; occasional firm grasp to safely use equipment.
    Utilizing computer keyboard and mouse to perform functions requiring repetitive hand movements.
    Frequent lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling of up to 25 pounds to move equipment, materials, and supplies.
    Eye/hand/foot coordination performing work by using two or more of these tasks.
    Ability to adjust vision to bring objects into focus, see clearly at 20 foot or more/20 inches or less and distinguish and identify different colors.
    Ability to hear and perceive the nature of sounds by ear.