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Seasonal Janitoral DSP

Job Details



Trains and assists employees at job site in vocational skills and in personal and social development in
accordance with Individual Service Plan
Completes all required paperwork, efficiently and accurately, including, but not limited to, attendance records, behavior incident reports, behavior logs, and goals and objectives data.
Trains individual employees in habilitative and vocational skills and in personal and social development in accordance with individuals skill development/active treatment plans.
Determines work opportunities that allow individuals to experience success in performing tasks of increasing difficulty and that teach work values, such as self-improvement, independence, dependability, productivity, and pride of workmanship.
Supervises and coordinates activities of individual engaged in one or more job assignments.
Works with Mgr. in identifying, analyzing, establishing or adjusting work procedures/methods to improve training. Enforces safety regulations.
Interprets job specifications, sets up all jobs as instructed by Mgr., trains clients in all phases of jobs, and assigns job duties to non-staff employees.
Works with individual county supports in establishing plans to motivate clients to achieve training and work goals and objectives with maximum efficiency.
Follows and implements individual plans as established.
Identifies and relays concerns about individuals to Mgr. and county supports.
Ensure proper operation of all equipment, keeping up with inventory, and efficient usage of supplies.
Responsible for training of individuals served in all facets of work.
Responsible for on the job customer relations by communicating with personnel on problems and arriving at the appropriate solution.
Upholds RVI's commitment to positive culture.
Must be flexible with hours and schedule.
Management of day to day operations of contracts as needed in assisting ES Director.
Quality control checks during work hours and final inspections at the end of shift to insure all specs are met.
Able to move freely about the contract site, and have the physical ability to travel from contract to contract.
Embody Trauma Informed Care


High school diploma or equivalent
Ability to complete mandatory certification classes
Ability to complete all required training.
Deal with problems involving several variables in familiar context
Maintain accurate records