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Job Details

Houston - Houston, TX
Full Time

General Job Responsibilities

The Deckhand is responsible for the safe, efficient, reliable, and environmentally compliant operation of assigned area. The primary function of the Deckhand is to build and break tow. Other key job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The Deckhand must be able to perform vessel maintenance to include cleaning, scraping, painting, changing all oil and filters, and cooking.
  2. The Deckhand must be able to inspect, correct if possible, and notify the Captain of any conditions, which will affect the safety of the tow or tug.
  3. The Deckhand must be able to assist with the training of newly hired employees.
  4. A Deckhand must be able to handle lines and rigging during tow building, locking, and docking activities.
  5. A Deckhand must be able to work in a rotation watch schedule, involving 6 hours on and 6 hours off, and be able to occasionally work additional hours not to exceed twelve consecutive hours without rest.
  6. A Deckhand must be able to work on the boat with a work schedule based on a ratio of 2 to 1 (i.e. 20 days on, 10 days off or 28 days on, 14 days off).
  7. A Deckhand must be able to perform all duties while wearing protective equipment to include PVC foul weather gear, life jacket, gloves and boots.
  8. A Deckhand must be able to drive to and from hub cities.
  9. A Deckhand must be able to perform all duties necessary to navigate locks.
  10. A Deckhand must be able to adhere to and comply with company policies, United States Coast Guard, and environmental regulations.

Safety/ Rescue Requirements

Employee must be able to:

  1. Ensure safe, working conditions and orderliness of the vessel.
  2. Maintain safe, sanitary living and working conditions.
  3. Follow all company safety rules and environmental regulations.
  4. Wear safety equipment as required, including: gloves, steel toes boots, goggles, rubber boots, slicker suits, respirator, five (5) minute escape pack or negative pressure respirator or supplied airline respirator.
  5. Assist in safety and rescue operations in emergency situations.
  6. Assist in emergency firefighting, use firefighting equipment and spill containment equipment.
  7. Enter and exit hatches/ doorways quickly in case of emergencies.
  8. Physically pull or assist in pulling a 200-300lb man from the water.

Minimum Job Qualifications:

Employee must be able to:

  1. Tolerate long hours during transfers.
  2. Read and write.
  3. Communicate with co-workers, Captains, Pilots, Wheelman, Dispatchers, Port Engineers, Coast Guard Inspectors, and others.
  4. Remain calm during challenging situations.
  5. Possess a valid driver’s license for operation of any of the company’s vehicles.
  6. Make good decisions.
  7. Be dependable, conscientious, and show initiative.
  8. Pay attention to detail.
  9. Be willing to adhere to orders, rules, and regulations.
  10. Work as a team player – i.e., work with others and understand customer/ supplier wants and needs.
  11. Be stable under pressure and withstand the stress associated with the job, including discomfort, unpredictable weather, and potentially hazardous situations.
  12. Work aboard the vessel for prolonged periods according to work schedule for the vessel, for example: 30 days on and 15 days off or 14 on and 7 off.
  13. Willing to work, as operations require, including days.
  14. Live in close quarters for long periods of time and is able to work away from home for long periods of time.
  15. Be drug and alcohol free while on company property during course and scope of company business.
  16. Be physically fit to perform all essential physical demands of this job safely.
  17. Have a High School diploma/GED or equivalent work experience.

Deckhands on Bunkering vessels work a 14/7 rotation and Deckhands on Line Haul vessels work a 20/10 rotation.