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Pastoral Assistant FF 1

Job Details

0095 St Mary of the Valley Parish - Monroe, WA
Full Time
$17.49 - $24.00 Hourly


To coordinate and oversee the parish religious education program at the elementary level (Pre-K-5thgrade). Prepare children for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.  Secondarily, responsible for general support of RCIA and other Faith Formation events and programs.


  1. Develops, plans and supervises the Faith Formation programs (Vacation Bible School, Advent, Lent).  Responsible for:
    1. Resource/Curriculum
    2. Class dates and content
    3. Special events and rehearsals
    4. Volunteer training
    5. Parent meetings
    6. Major events (1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion)
    7. Submits dates of events for next academic calendar by March of previous year.
  2. Development and distribution of participants, catechists, parents and parishioners, such as registration forms, calendar, bulletin, etc.
  3. Development and distribution of online communication to participants, catechists, parents and parishioners
  4. Assists with coordination of Sacramental Preparation Programs including elementary age Sacraments, Eucharist, and Reconciliation).
  5. Attend staff meetings
  6. Leads or attends planning meetings related to faith formation objectives, strategies and goals – including events.
  7. Recruits, trains motivates and provides general and specific direction to volunteers involved with faith formation activities and programs.
  8. Ensure that all volunteers receive safe environment training before giving Stewardship of time.
  9. Invite, cultivate, and train volunteers involved with children’s faith formation program and activities.
  10. Invitations extended end of academic year/summer
  11. Personal pastoral care for volunteers, family (e.g. personal Christmas, birthday, anniversary cards cosigned)
  12. Yearly training with class structure, content, and participant distribution.
  13. Prepares for and teaches classes in specified areas.
  14. Prepares registration forms and fees for children’s ministry programs.
    1. Detail forms with admin / requirements


      A.  Prepares Announcements and Intercessions for Mass.

      B.  Maintains inventory of educational supplies.  Orders supplies as necessary.

  1. Continues growing by participating in appropriate training approved by Director of Faith Formation
  2. Maintains healthy communication with other members of the Parish Staff regarding any items of concern or interest.
  3. Performs other duties as assigned.