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Job Details

Part Time
$20.50 - $23.50 Hourly



A Youth Programs Supervisor is someone who develops the Youth Programs team and embodies Sender Ones core values when making decisions. As a coach and mentor, the Youth Programs Supervisor collaborates with the Bouldering Gym Manager to ensure all Sender One staff, including coaches & camp staff are providing outstanding experience to new visitors, guests, members, and partners who walk through our doors.


  • Expert on all the responsibilities of a Youth Programs Lead Coach and Camp Lead;
  • Complete goals on development plan set by the Bouldering Gym Manager;
  • Manages staff of instructors, recreational & competition coaches as well as camp staff to ensure the delivery of all programs curriculums are meeting Sender Ones standards;
  • Collaborates with the Bouldering Gym Manager to determine hiring needs;
  • Assist with the hiring and onboarding process, including but not limited to, training new hires & current staff to maintain the Programs standards;
  • Develops the Youth Programs Shift Leads and leads staff participation in quarterly themes and/or sales;
  • Checks in with assigned staff on a monthly basis and coaches for accountability and performance;
  • Communicates operational, customer service, risk management, and staff issues with Customer Experience Supervisor and Bouldering Gym Manager;
  • Responses to customer feedback received in-person interactions using the Hug Your Haters philosophy;
  • Understands other gym department functions and offerings;
  • Attends the weekly department meeting to inform other department managers of changes, updates, and/or stucks in the Programs department;
  • Collaborates with Customer Experience Supervisor and Bouldering Gym Manager to cross train staff.



  • An experienced and trusted advisor for staff - discover & connect with others;
  • Delegates and communicates with staff clearly and respectfully;
  • Passionate about climbing, working with kids, and instructing;
  • Ability to harness imagination and find novel approaches to shared responsibilities;
  • Ability to learn and grow from each task, challenge, and interaction while seeing them through to the end;
  • Open to receiving & providing feedback, guidance, insight, assistance, and perspective in a professional manner;
  • Work with a team, provide support to fellow team members, share ideas, and earn trust;
  • Take initiative and have the drive to grow professionally.

Industry Experience:

  • Experience in Bouldering;
  • Knowledge of Google Suite Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Drive, etc.;
  • Knowledge of Paycom & interviewing experience;
  • Knowledge of Rock Gym Pro reporting & data handling;
  • Knowledge of Basecamp;
  • Experience coaching and instructing.

Time Commitment:

  • Part-time position with the possibility for advancement to a full-time role;
  • Must be able to work a minimum of 3 Youth Program shifts, including a minimum average of 8 office hours in the Youth Programs department per work week (Sun - Sat);
  • Must be fully available to work at least one weekend day per work week (Sun - Sat);
  • Must be able to work certain morning, night, and alternate weekend day shifts depending on business and/or operational needs;
  • Must attend the Weekly Youth Programs meeting;
  • Must attend the Mandatory All Staff Quarterly meeting.