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Seasonal Grounds Worker

Job Details

Operations Facility - Champaign, IL
$15.00 Hourly


The Operations Grounds Worker helps where needed on a variety of projects including mowing, trimming, trash removal, basic maintenance, amenity installation/repair and cleaning of outdoor facilities in various areas owned by the Champaign Park District.

This position usually requires a minimum of 40 hours/week during the summer months and may be classified as seasonal or part-time.

Seasonal Not to exceed 1,000 hours or 6 months or work.


The Operations Grounds Worker reports directly to the Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor. This position may receive daily task instruction from regular full-time staff as assigned by their supervisor.

Essential Functions

  • Follow all Champaign Park District safety policies and perform all work in a manner that ensures the safety of the public, fellow employees, and him/herself
  • Use District tools according to safety guidelines
  • Make minor repairs as assigned
  • Install sod
  • Grass seeding and preparation
  • Edge curbs and walks with power edger as required
  • Mow and string-trim around trees, shrubs, curbs, and other areas that cannot be cut with larger equipment
  • Operate tractors and attachments, mowers, string-trimmers, edger, gas and electric powered hedge trimmers, rototillers, and other powered equipment as well as a variety of hand tools
  • Remove trash from district areas
  • Clean outdoor facilities
  • Assist in repair and maintenance as needed
  • Perform duties outside during varied seasonal conditions
  • Provide oversight and supervision of seasonal staff
  • Available to work additional hours upon request

Marginal Functions

  • Other related duties as assigned by supervisor

Psychological Considerations

  • Must be able to work well with others as a team member
  • Must be able to interact with the public in a positive manner even in stressful situations

Physiological Considerations

The activities required to fulfill the duties of this position are significantly physical in nature, these actives may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Kneeling
    • To plant trees and install landscape timbers. Many other duties
  • Lifting
    • Up to 701bs alone and over 701bs with assistance
  • Forearms
    • Operation of chainsaws, hand pruners, shovel work, cultivators, hand tools, string trimmers, power hedge trimmers and edger. Lift and manipulate lumber, landscape timers, and 55-gallon garbage cans
  • Handwork
    • Shovel work and use of a wide range of hand tools all requiring gripping and controlling motions that are often repetitious
  • Twisting
    • Most examples listed above and other duties
  • Push/Pull
    • Raking, moving equipment, installing implements to tractors and other duties.

The above examples of activities and work are not all inclusive but are intended as an indication of the level and type of endeavors necessary to fulfill the duties of this position.

Environmental Considerations

  • Work activity may occur in outside weather conditions including extremes of heat, cold, wet, and dry and may also occur on rough or inclined terrain
  • Any one of these endeavors may occur for an entire workday or for several workdays in a row
  • Safety while performing all duties is an important concern
  • Teamwork and mechanical assists for heavy lifting (over 701bs) is a department policy
  • The Champaign Park District is an equal opportunity employer and situations requiring reasonable accommodation will be considered on a case by case basis

Cognitive Considerations

Must be willing and able to improve skills and skill areas

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