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Job Details

Full Time, Salaried
$68,000.00 - $82,000.00 Salary/year



A Gym Manager is someone who develops the team and embodies Sender Ones core values when making decisions. As a coach and mentor, the Gym Manager ensures their designated department managers are providing an outstanding experience to new visitors, guests, members, and partners who walk through our doors and is a resource to the Sender One staff.


  • Builds and sustains a staff and community culture at their location that aligns with Sender One’s core values, purpose, and brand promise;
  • Responsible for their gym's operational and financial performance;
  • Motivates, inspires, and develops their gym staff through a culture of accountability;
  • Executes against a budget with specified revenue, expense, and profit;
  • Ensures proper risk management practices are executed in all areas of the facility;
  • Complete goals on development plan set by the Director of Operations;
  • Leads, manages and holds all direct reports accountable;
  • Removes obstacles and barriers for the team;
  • Integrates company departments into a single gym location -- including Retail, Marketing, Routesetting, Risk and Safety, Facilities, Billing, Human Resources;
  • Attends the weekly operation’s meeting to inform and collaborate with department managers on company changes, updates, and/or stucks at Sender One and guide them to achieving their goals;
  • Oversees the completion of check ins and reviews, including but not limited to, 60 day, monthly, annual, and staff-requested check ins;
  • Audit staff’s time cards including, but not limited to, ensuring their punches are accurate, reviewing and processing pending request(s), and keeping staff accountable for checking, fixing, and approving timecards and following CA labor laws and company policy;
  • Collaborates with Risk & Safety and Facilities Managers to ensure their gym location is abiding by all safety guidelines set forth by Sender One.



  • An experienced and trusted advisor for staff - discover & connect with others;
  • Delegate and communicate with staff clearly and respectfully;
  • Passionate about climbing, working with kids, and instructing;
  • Ability to harness imagination and find novel approaches to shared responsibilities;
  • Ability to learn and grow from each task, challenge, and interaction while seeing them through to the end;
  • Open to receiving & providing feedback, guidance, insight, assistance, and perspective in a professional manner;
  • Work with a team, provide support to fellow team members, share ideas, and earn trust;
  • Take initiative and have the drive to grow professionally.

Industry Experience:

  • Top rope & lead belay and climbing experience;
  • Knowledge of Google Suite – Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Drive, etc.;
  • Knowledge of Paycom & interviewing experience;
  • Knowledge of Rock Gym Pro reporting & data handling;
  • Knowledge of Basecamp;
  • Experience coaching and instructing.

Time Commitment:

  • Must be able to work 40-50 hours per work week (Sun - Sat);
  • Must be fully available to work weekends when needed for special events, training, shadows etc. (Sat & Sun);
  • Must be able to work certain morning, night, and alternate weekend day shifts depending on business and/or operational needs;
  • Must be able to attend the Weekly Manager’s meeting;
  • Must be able to attend the Monthly Manager’s meeting;
  • Must be able to attend the Mandatory All Staff Quarterly meeting.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Net Ordinary Income;
  • Average Daily Check Ins;
  • Staff Net Promoter Score;
  • Gym Net Promoter Score;
  • Active Membership Count.