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LAB Physical Therapist

Job Details

Santa Barbara, CA
$100,000.00 - $100,000.00 Salary/year



THE LAB is a collaboration of best-in-class physical performance and wellness professionals, focused on improving human performance by using cutting-edge research and techniques related to both athletic performance and individual wellness. We place an emphasis on building, restoring, and regenerating the human body. At THE LAB, clients of all levels and abilities have access to the tools they need to improve, recover, and perform to their full potential.


P3 is an applied sports science company widely recognized for leading a more data-driven approach to athlete development in U.S. pro sports. For over 14 years, P3 has compiled a deep and granular pro-athlete data set utilizing gold-standard biomechanical technology. P3 leverages this data set to understand better risk factors for injury, athlete strengths, and weaknesses and to develop individualized programming. P3 is an elite athlete training environment that also works closely with some of the best organizations in sport - providing intel around injury risk factors, performance limiting factors, and window of opportunity for training.


This hybrid role will serve both facilities.  Most Physical Therapy responsibilities will be at THE LAB.  Most performance coach responsibilities and data education will happen at P3. 


Physical Therapist + P3 Trainer

(Full-Time Position - Start Date: June 15th, 2024)


Position Summary:

THE LAB’s Physical Therapist/P3 trainer hybrid position aims to provide the perfect environment for a Physical Therapist to develop the skills needed to work in pro sport or with high performing individuals in other settings.  With P3’s 20+ year experience in Elite sport, and THE LAB’s 10 year experience working with high performance professionals, we know what skills lead to great outcomes.  The combination of Physical Therapy assessment and treatment protocols, strong training background, and an understanding of how to implement data insight into a training plan will be highly desirable because that is the future of performance.


THE LAB’s Physical Therapist is responsible for shaping the customer experience our clients have with Physical Therapy through skilled communication and technical skills (primarily manual therapy).  This role should work directly in hand with THE LAB’s Lead Biomechanist and Lead Performance Specialist to shape assessments, insight delivery, training philosophy, and create a culture that motivates staff to constantly innovate and have the tools to effectively communicate treatment plans and expectations to clients.  They are responsible for upholding THE LAB’s values by being strong leaders toward all other staff.  This includes participating in continuing professional development both in hard and soft skills as well as enforcing expectations for how each members care plan is acted out.  The Lab’s Physical Therapist should also serve as a key communicator to members about their progress as well as interacting with other health care professionals that may be part of their health care alliance.

The P3 performance team leads the program design and training of all athletes at P3. They combine sound sports science principles with an ability to motivate and engage deeply with athletes. The performance team works closely with our biomechanics staff to identify athlete training needs, monitor athletes and conduct novel research to better understand training interventions. The performance team also works collaboratively with P3’s physical therapists to achieve optimal rehab and training outcomes.



Employees who work 30+ hours per week are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Insurance – Medical, dental, vision, life, AD&D, and long-term disability insurance
  • Holidays – 7 paid holidays per year *prorated for part-time employees.
  • PTO – 25 days per year (5 weeks) *prorated based on hours worked.
  • 401(k) – Auto-enrollment in the company 401(k) plan
  • FSA – Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts


Job Responsibilities:

The Lab PT

  • Assesses and communicates findings/needs to both the client as well as to the entire Lab team (especially key training staff).  Records and stores notes and relevant findings in easy to reference location. 
  • Intentionally communicates with clientele in a way that displays authentic empathy, offers relevant insight, supports progress and self-efficacy through tracking their habits and forwards appropriate client insight to training staff and Lab team on weekly basis.
  • Has clear Manual Therapy plan of care for each member. 
  • Contributes to continued staff education and topical presentations as guided by Lead Performance Specialist and Lead Biomechanist.
  • Weekly Member status communication with other Lab professionals. 

P3 Performance Coach

  • Support the performance team in the execution of delivering training programs to athletes.
  • Program management for those athletes delegated to you to oversee.
  • Ensure training goals for athletes are being met.
  • Facilitate a great training environment.
  • Work closely with ATL and SB staff on innovation projects related to training, injury prevention and performance.
  • Work with P3 team partners to help drive value and translate assessment findings into training plans.
  • Be proactive with communication and feedback to athletes, various external coaches, agents, and other relevant parties.

Skills Required:

  • Strong Manual Therapy Background.
  • Experience in multi-disciplinary outpatient settings. 
  • Strong leadership & communication skills among both clients and staff.  
  • Knowledge of various biomechanical assessments as well as what the research says about each. (Running, V02, biomechanical etc.,)
  • Ability to clearly communicate load progressions of various activities with clients, particularly endurance-based progressions.
  • Serves as a strong leadership figure who can uphold P3 & THE LAB’s values & expectations of excellence amongst all staff.  


  • Doctor of Physical therapy.
  • 1-2 years of outpatient Physical Therapy experience, ideally with some athlete experience as well. 
  • Strong history of implementing manual therapy into patient care. 
  • Ideally sports or active background.
  • Strength and conditioning and/or coaching experience. 
  • Excellent communication skills.  Able to connect with a wide range of personalities and backgrounds and provide a very professional delivery of insight.