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Full Time
Health Care


The primary purpose of you job position is to perform the day-to-day activities of the Housekeeping Department in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines and regulations governing our facility, and as may be directed the President, and/or the Director of Housekeeping to assure our facility is maintained in a clean, safe, and comfortable manner.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned

Ensure work/cleaning schedules are followed as closely as practical.

Report all accidents/incidents to your supervisor no matter how minor they may be. (Note: Such occurrences must be reported on the shift which they occur).

Coordinate daily housekeeping services with nursing services when performing routine cleaning assignments in resident living and/or recreational areas.

Attend departmental and staff meeting as directed or called.

Perform specific tasks in accordance with daily work assignments.

File complaints/grievances with your supervisor.

Participate and assist in department studies and projects as directed.

Attend and participate in in-service educational classes, on-the-job training programs, etc., as scheduled or as directed.

Attend and participate in annual OSHA and CDC in-service training programs for hazard communication, TB management, and blood borne pathogen standards.

Follow established safety precautions when performing tasks and when using equipment and supplies.

Wear and/or use safety equipment and supplies (e.g., back brace, mechanical lifts, etc.) when lifting or moving heavy objects.

Ensure assigned work areas are maintained in a clean, safe, comfortable and attractive manner.

Keep work/assignment areas free of hazardous objects such as protruding mop/broom handles, unnecessary equipment, supplies, etc.

Follow proper techniques when mixing chemicals, disinfectants, and solutions used for cleaning. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions when necessary.

Follow established policies governing the use of labels and MSDS.

Report all hazard conditions or equipment to your supervisor.

Ensure established infection control and universal precaution practices are maintained when performing housekeeping procedures.

Participate in appropriate in-service training program prior to performing tasks that involve potential exposure to blood, body fluids, or hazardous chemicals.

Report missing or improperly labeled containers of hazardous chemicals to your supervisor.

Use appropriate personal protective equipment and supplies when handling infectious materials, hazardous waste and/or chemicals.

Follow established hand washing procedures.

Dispose of refuse daily in accordance with our established sanitation procedures.

Follow established policies governing the use/disposal of personal protective equipment and disposal of infectious waste.

Coordinate routine/terminal isolation procedures with nursing service.

Ensure an adequate supply of housekeeping supplies to perform daily tasks is maintained in utility/janitorial closets.

Keep supervisor informed of supply needs.

Report burned out light bulbs, exit lights, overhead lights, fluorescent lights, room call lights, etc., to your supervisor as soon as practical.

Assist others in lifting heavy equipment, supplies, etc., as directed or requested.

Clean work/supply carts, equipment, etc., as necessary or directed.

Ensure equipment is cleaned and properly stored at the end of the shift.

Perform day-to-day housekeeping functions as assigned.

Perform specific tasks in accordance with daily work assignments.

Empty and sanitize ashtrays daily. (Note: Ashtrays must be emptied into appropriate metal containers with self-closing devices).

Clean/polish furnishings, fixtures, ledges, room heating/cooling units, etc., in resident rooms, recreational areas, etc., daily as instructed.

Clean, wash, sanitize, and/or polish bathroom fixtures. Ensure watermarks are removed from fixtures.

Clean windows/mirrors in resident rooms, recreational areas, bathrooms, and entrance/exit ways.

Clean floors, to include sweeping, dusting, damp/wet mopping, disinfecting, etc. (Note: Ensure appropriate caution/safety signs are properly set up prior to performing such duties).

Clean carpets, to include vacuuming.

Clean walls by washing, wiping, dusting, and spot cleaning.

Remove dirt, dust, grease, film, etc., from surfaces using proper cleaning disinfecting solutions.

Clean hallways.

Discard waste/trash into proper containers and reline trash receptacle with plastic liner.

Clean vacant rooms as assigned.

Ensure work/assignment areas are clean and equipment, tools, supplies, etc., are properly stored at all times, as well as before leaving such areas for breaks, meal times, and end of the work day.

Perform isolation cleaning procedures in accordance with established infection control procedures.

Discard infectious waste into appropriate containers.

Other duties may become necessary to assure our facility is maintained in a clean, safe and comfortable manner.



Maintain confidentiality of all pertinent resident care information to assure resident rights are protected.

Knock before entering a resident’s room.

Honor the resident’s personal and property rights.

Inform the resident when it is necessary to move his/her personal possessions during cleaning procedures.



Must be capable to execute all terms and conditions set forth in the Employee Handbook including, but not limited to:

Works in a safety conscious manner, which ensures safe work practices are used in order not to pose a risk to others in the workplace.

Complies with polices and procedures, local, state and federal regulations.

Adheres to policy on Drug Free Workplace.

Maintains a dependable attendance record and adheres to standards of cleanliness, grooming, hygiene and dress code.

Turn in all found articles to your supervisor.



To perform this job successfully, and individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactory.




High School Diploma or GED



The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations under the ADA may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Must be able to push, pull, move and/or lift up to but no more than 50 pounds to a height of 6ft.

Must be able to push, pull, move and carry up to but no more than 50 pounds a minimum distance of 20 feet.