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Medical Examiner Liaison - West Virginia

Job Details




The position of Medical Examiner Liaison for the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is one of significant responsibility.  They are responsible for being the point of contact at for information needed by CORE from the Medical Examiner’s office in which they serve. They will have a thorough knowledge of CORE Policy and Procedures regarding eye recovery, specimen collection and eye packaging. They will perform follow-up visits and education with Funeral Homes and assist with other Funeral Home and Medical Examiner/Coroner issues as assigned. This person reports to the FD/Coroner Liaison and will take direction from the Chief Operation Officer and ultimately the President and CEO.





The Medical Examiner Liaison reports to the FD/Coroner Liaison and will take additional direction from CORE’s Administrator On Call and Tissue On Call.

When involved in donor activity, the Medical Examiner Liaison works under the direction of the FD/Coroner Liaison, Administrator on Call, the Tissue on Call, and works in conjunction with Donor Referral Coordinators.


Responsible for obtaining information on potential post-mortem organ, tissue and eye donors, primarily from the Medical Examiner’s Office. They will make necessary arrangements to begin the donation and/or recovery process.  They will need to demonstrate positive interpersonal skills along with strong communication skills. They will be responsible for data entry and transcription.  They will need to have sound computer knowledge and application.  They will be responsible for knowing, and working within, CORE policies and procedures. They will be responsible for observing and adhering to FDA current Good Tissue Practices and AATB / EBAA standards. They will be responsible for obtaining Autopsy Report Forms from the Medical Examiner’s Office. Their additional responsibilities will include but are not limited to developing and conducting education sessions and conducting follow-ups with Funeral Homes and Medical Examiner/Coroner issues as assigned.


The Medical Examiner Liaison must be available to work daylight shifts. The shifts and schedule are determined based on the needs of the organization.





The Incumbent for the position of Medical Examiner Liaison should have some type of medical background, with at least one year of experience in a health-related field. They should hold a degree and/or certificate in one of the following areas; Autopsy Technician, Mortuary Science, or Surgical Technology, or possess skills and experience needed to meet the requirements of this position.  They must have strong communication skills and good independent judgment.  Strong preference is given to previous experience in an OPO setting. They must have the ability to get along with all types of individuals and should possess excellent verbal communication skills.  They must have strong literary skills.  They must demonstrate professional commitment and behavior, showing respect to all donors and CORE partners.  They should possess experience with sterile technique.  They must complete an extensive six (6)-month training period which results in a reasonable outcome.  They must demonstrate true support to the donation program. They must be able to lift sixty (60) pounds. They must have a valid driver’s license.  They must have good manual dexterity and visual acuity.





The degree of job difficulty for the falls into themoderate to high range.  Inadvertent errors or mistakes could result in the death of a transplant recipient.  Mistakes and misinformation could trigger a variety of misconceptions about donation and cause serious administrative problems for CORE, all of which may negatively influence donation and working relationships with community and hospital partners and our public. This position will require that they be willing to maintain ongoing knowledge and be current with all legislative issues regarding organ and tissue donation.  

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