Editor, Calendars
Job Details

The calendar editor is responsible for acquiring distinctive, compelling content that aligns with AMUs strategic direction and can be expressed primarily in calendar form, but also with potential to extend into other forms and media, such as books, greeting cards, digital products, or syndication. In addition to identifying and proposing new properties, the calendar editor is also responsible for the execution of assigned titles. This position works closely with internal associates to deliver complete and accurate files ready for production, as well as with external partners such as creators, licensors, and agents to negotiate terms and obtain materials and approvals.

Responsibilities & Qualifications


  • Recognize properties that enhance the current calendar offering and that have the potential to contribute incremental sales and profit and propose such properties in the calendar acquisition meetings.
  • Prepare/request P&Ls, communicate financial and business terms to creators and agents, request contract drafts
  • Acquire calendar rights, negotiate terms, and obtain materials and approvals from creators/licensors
  • Copyedit calendars at manuscript, typeset, mechanical, and proof stages (physical or electronic)
  • Work with design, managing editorial, and production to ensure timely and accurate completion of pre-production files
  • Complete all required metadata for assigned titles (product description, key selling points, key words, author bio)
  • Participate in marketing meetings; encourage creators to promote their calendars with materials and suggestions from marketing and sales
  • Serve as the main point of contact with creators/agents/licensors for assigned titles/primary liaison between creators and other AMP departments


  • Creative thinking and vision, ability to envision a final product from an initial idea or proposal
  • Strong editorial judgement, ability to evaluate concepts
  • Strong writing and editing skills, including proficiency in grammar, punctuation, and spelling; ability to write clearly and logically
  • Ability to excerpt copy from books and scripts for use in calendars while maintaining the context, tone, and voice of the original source
  • Design sense, good eye for current design trends, visual/verbal match; ability to work with art properties
  • Comfortable working in a team environment
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, including ability to pitch concepts clearly and concisely, engage in respectful dialogue with associates, and communicate professionally with external partners
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once to timely completion
  • Adapts positively to change
  • Computer proficiency (Apple, Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, Internet/social media)


  • Bachelors degree from a four-year college/university, preferably in a related field (e.g. English, Journalism, Art History, etc.)
  • Three to five years writing and editing experience
  • Awareness of popular culture, societal trends
  • Art appreciation/Familiarity with commercial design preferred