UI/UX Designer
Job Details
Optional Work from Home
Full Time
4 Year Degree
Game Design

We are looking for a mid to senior UI/UX designer for a multi-platform unannounced Narrative Adventure title, working on the overall user experience of the game in all aspects and phases of production. You will provide UX, UI, and Interaction design and documentation for various aspects of the game, including menus, feedback, and user interfaces, and you will be a part of the implementation of those systems. You will work with the Game Director, Game Designers, Narrative Designers, Writers, Programmers, UI Artists, Art Director, and Audio Designers. We value a culture of collaboration and are seeking an imaginative, skillful, and versatile UI/UX designer to enhance the player’s holistic experience.


  • Design the logic, layout, and flow of all the in-game user interface elements
  • Create wireframes, prototypes, usability tests, and documentation
  • Work closely with game design to determine the best feedback for the player experience
  • Work closely with narrative to create an immersive narrative experience
  • Work closely with UI artists to determine presentation of UI and feedback
  • Work closely with sound designers to determine efficient and effective audio feedback
  • Work closely with engineers to deliver the best possible user experience
  • Work closely with localization and accessibility
  • Make the experience is excellent across all platforms
  • Conduct surveys, focus groups, and playtests to valid and test design qualifications
  • Take an active role in implementation and feature delivery


  • Part of a game development team while shipping 3 Console or PC games
  • Thorough understanding of the UX Field
  • Demonstrated ability to innovate and design excellent user experiences
  • Portfolio of your UI/UX design work
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving, analytical, and troubleshooting skills
  • Takes and understands direction and feedback well
  • Able to meet deadlines with limited oversight
  • Ability to anticipate needs of the project
  • Self-motivated


  • Experience in Game Design
  • Proficiency in Visual Design
  • Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Understanding of the Narrative Adventure genre