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MSW / Mental Health Professional - PACT

Job Details

Wenatchee - Wenatchee, WA
Full Time
$79,500.00 - $84,800.00 Salary/year
Road Warrior


You can do the work you love, be your authentic self, and make an impact in the lives of thousands. We believe in a culture rooted in community, collaboration, and growth. As an agency we are inspired by our Mission of bringing hope to life, especially those most in need.

Wage : $79,500 - $84,800

Discretionary Quarterly Bonus

Sign On Bonus $25,000


• Medical/Dental


• 403(b) Retirement

• Additional Voluntary Benefits

• Paid Holidays

• Vacation/Sick Leave

• Education Assistance Program

• Employee Assistance Program

• Longevity awards


Position Summary:

This member of the multidisciplinary team has responsibility to carry out rehabilitation and support functions along with assisting in treatment, substance abuse services, education, support, and consultation to families, and Crisis Intervention under the PACT Program Manager of staff with professional degrees.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide service coordination (Case Management) for an assigned group of clients including coordinating and monitoring the activities
  • Assumes primary responsibility for developing, writing, implementing, evaluating, revising overall treatment goals and plans as clients’ needs change
  • Educate, support client’s families, and advocate for clients rights and preferences
  • Participate in client centered comprehensive assessment of psychiatric history as directed by supervisor
  • Will complete sections of the PACT comprehensive assessment as assigned to include Social Development and functioning, activities of daily living, and family structure and relationships
  • Consults with community agencies and families to maintain coordination in the treatment process
  • Participate in daily staff organizational meetings and treatment planning review meetings
  • Participate in providing substance use and treatment services
  • On call and medication monitoring

Psychiatric Treatment and Dual diagnosis substance abuse services

  • Assist in the provision of ongoing assessment of clients’ mental illness symptoms and clients’ response to treatment
  • Make appropriate changes in treatment plans to ensure immediate and appropriate interventions are provided in response to changes in mental status or behavior which put clients at risk
  • Assist in the provision of symptom education to enable clients to identify their mental illness symptoms
  • Assist in the provision of direct Clinical Services to clients on an individual, groups, and family basis in the office or in the community setting to teach behavioral symptoms, management techniques to alleviate and manage symptoms not reduced by medication
  • Promote clients’ personal growth and development by assisting them to adapt and cope with internal and external stresses
  • Assist with individual or group treatment in office or community setting in a stage-based treatment model that is non-confrontational, considers interactions of Mental illness, substance abuse, and client determined goals
  • Coordinate with outside inpatient services to detoxify clients and establish linkage to self-help programs
    • Alcoholics Anonymous
    • Narcotics Synonymous
    • Residential Facilities
  • Participate in the provision of rehabilitation services

Activities of Daily Living Services

  • Provide ongoing assessment, problem solving, side by side services, skill training supervisions, and environmental adaptions to assist clients with activities of daily living
  • Assist clients to find and maintain a safe affordable place to live
  • Apartment hunting
  • Finding a roommate
  • Landlord negotiations
  • Cleaning
  • Furnishing and decorating
  • Procuring necessities (telephone, furnishings, linens)
  • Assist and support clients to perform household activities, including house cleaning and laundry
  • Ensure clients have adequate financial support (help to gain employment or apply for entailments)
  • Teach money management skills (budgeting and bill pay)
  • Assist clients in assessing financial services
  • Professional financial counseling
  • Emergency loan sources
  • Help clients to access reliable transportation
  • Obtain a driver’s license and car
  • Arrange for cabs
  • Access bus line
  • Finding rides
  • Assist and support clients to have an effectively use of a personal primary care physical, dentist, and other medical specialists as required

Support, Interpersonal Relationships and Leisure time

  • Provide individual supportive therapy (problem solving, role playing, modeling, and support), skill development, and assertiveness training to increase client social and interpersonal activities in a community setting
  • Plan, structure, prompt social, leisure time activities on evenings, weekend, and holidays
  • Provide side by side support and coaching (going with client to a basketball game, supporting a client before going to a family reunion)
  • Organize and lead individual or group social, recreational activities to structure clients time to increase social experiences, provide opportunities to practice social skills, and receive feedback and support.


  • Provide practical help, supports, advocacy, coordination, side by side individualized support, problem solving, direct assistance, training, and supervision to help clients obtain the necessities for daily living.

Perform other duties as assigned

Job Requirements:

The following requirements are those that are normally required for performance of this position. Any disabled applicant or incumbent who does not meet or more of the physical requirements, but who can perform the essential function of the job (with or without reasonable accommodations) shall be deemed to meet these requirements.

Physical Requirements:

This position normally requires that physical demands of standing, walking, bending, lifting or performing other work requiring low physical exertion, talking and hearing on a regular basis to perform the job requirements. These physical demands are required up to 80% of the time. Position also requires ability to drive with adequate vision and skill.

Non-Physical Requirements:


  • Master’s Degree in Human Services, required


  • 1 to 3 years’ experience of relevant work

Special Skills

  • Strong individual employment plan writing and computer skills
  • Problem solving skills to assist and support clients with persistent mental illness and their families
  • Possess and utilize effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to be self-motivated, work independently and as a team member
  • Ability to represent the agencies in a professional manner within the community
  • Establish supportive trusting relationships with persons with severe and persistent mental illness, respect for client rights, and personal preference in treatment

Licensure, Registration, Certification

  • Agency Affiliated Counselor Registration
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Valid Washington State driver’s license and required minimum liability insurance for WA State
  • Must be deemed insurable as determined by Catholic Charities' liability insurance provider

Employment is conditional upon:

  • Being cleared by criminal background check and fingerprinting when required