Systems Support Specialist
Job Details
Fleet Science Center - San Diego, CA
Full Time
$25.00 - $27.00 Hourly
Information Technology

General Statement:

The Systems Support Specialist assists in the Fleet mission and Visitor Experience Philosophy by the installation of server and desktop hardware/software and maintenance of POS and Exhibit technology. Provides front-line and high-level IT hardware, software, and network support to internal and/or external clients to simplify and enhance the IT experience. Replies to requests for technical assistance. Supports core business applications, virtual environments, firewalls, and networking.  Plans, designs, configures, and implements IT hardware and software systems; monitors and maintains both physical and virtual servers, appliances, and applications. Maintains, monitors, and installs phone hardware/software. Implements new software and trains users on use of software. 

Reports to:  Manager of IT

Primary Duties and Responsibilities, including mental requirements of position:

Windows Server Systems
1.       Monitor system resources, disk space and system logs.
2.       Create and Manage Shares and Printers.
3.       Evaluate and Perform upgrades and patches as needed.
4.       Oversee Active Dir, User directories and passwords.
5.       Replace defective components as needed.
6.       Configure and support Antivirus Management.
7.       Manage POS Services.
8.       Manage Cloud Based Services.
9.       Manage Phone Server-Side Systems.
10.    Manage Network Infrastructure

PC Microsoft Windows/MAC OS
1.       Replacing defective components including memory chips, cables, network cards, monitors, keyboards, fans, batteries, modems, power supplies, floppy/hard drives and various other components as required.
2.       Troubleshoot network, telephone, and computer issues for end users.
3.       Complete Understanding of PC and Server architecture and operating systems.
4.       Troubleshoot hardware problems, replace defective parts.
5.    Cabling needs i.e., repair, maintenance and run new cable as required.
6.    Configure and support Antivirus clients.

1.    Monitor and Maintain network connectivity, repair as needed.
2.    Manage/Train/Communicate Changes of Point of Sales Systems.
3.    Assist in Troubleshooting of Point of Sales Errors and Product Issues
4.    Install new server hardware and software. 
5.    Install PC hardware & software
6.    Install and maintain phone hardware, software, and equipment. 
7.    Customize software to accommodate local requirements.      
8.    Troubleshoot hardware/network problems, replace defective parts.
9.    Responsible to be knowledgeable of safety and emergency plan and manual procedures.
10.    Assist in purchase and evaluation of new hardware and software.

1.       Train/Provide Support on Technical Exhibits and perform HARDWARE diagnostics and repairs when needed. **
2.       Support other departments goals of technology implementations.
3.       Assist in making decisions for new or upgraded software/hardware needs.

Tools and equipment used to perform this position:  various server systems including hardware and software; various computer systems including hardware and software; telephone systems including hardware and software; networked and stand-alone printers, copy machines and fax machines.

Supervision, direction, or guidance provided for this position:  

  • Performs day-to-day duties as assigned by Information Systems Manager.
  • Complete Workorders
  • Provide feedback and resolutions to Departmental Needs
  • On Call when Manger not available

Experience, education, or skills required of the incumbent in this position:

  • Three years related experience including Microsoft Server/PC support, Exchange, MS SQL Server, TCP/IP Networking and Cabling, Enterprise Antivirus software.
  • Ability to assemble, troubleshoot and repair PCs and associated equipment and install new systems. 
  • Good knowledge of various software products required by the Science Center including all Microsoft Office products.  
  • Must be able to physically locate and transport computer equipment.  This requires ability to walk, see, and lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Must be able to hear in order to hear computer in operation.
  • Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing.