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Lead Preschool Teacher

Job Details

$20.00 - $24.00 Hourly



St. Mary School is a Catholic learning community which actively models the full character of Christ. Our purpose is to educate the heart, mind, body and soul of the student and to develop the potential in each, giving glory to God.



This position will serve as the Lead Teacher at St. Mary Preschool. The lead teacher will assist the Director in managing all aspects of the preschool program, including academics and enrollment.  The Lead Teacher is hired by and directly accountable to the Director of the Preschool and is expected to abide by the policies and procedures of the local school, the Archdiocese of Denver, and the Office of Catholic Schools. The Lead Teacher cooperates with the director, principal, assistant principal, and staff in providing an environment that promotes the ministry of Catholic education.


Direct Manager: Director of Preschool

Spiritual Guidance: Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary



Lead teacher duties include teaching and assisting in supervising staff who work with 3 and 4 year old children and ensuring the program meets the children’s social, emotional, educational and health needs. Work hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with additional hours during the week if needed.

We are in search of professionals who are capable of creating an engaging environment with developmentally appropriate activities. Looking for loving, kind, and patient professionals with an enthusiastic attitude. We are a Catholic school so candidates must have a thorough knowledge of the Catholic faith and be capable of teaching traditional Catholic prayers and faith lessons.

Responsibilities (Include but are not limited to):

  1. Administration
  2. Abides by licensing and accreditation requirements for school.
  3. Documents and maintains: individual child plans, child assessments, current PDIS records, goals, and lesson plans, including objectives and standards necessary to demonstrate child progress.
  4. Be a good steward to the property and respectful of the financial position of the school.
  5. Maintains class records to include attendance, portfolio progress and assessment data.
  6. Writes and distributes newsletters and classroom updates
  7. Communicates important school wide events to parents and children.
  8. Answers emails, texts, and phone calls in a timely manner.
  9. Participates in at least 15 hours of professional development training each year.  

Staff relations

  1. Provides a spirit of cooperation, flexibility and integrity throughout the school.
  2. Abides by personnel policies, maintaining professionalism at all times.
  3. Attends after hours and staff meetings regularly.
  4. Supports other staff members through prayer, assistance, and shift sharing
  5. Work with other teachers to plan and execute curriculum, lesson plans, field trips and programs as necessary to enhance the preschool experience for the children and families.

Student relations

  1. Maintains a safe and healthy environment for students.
  2. Creates an environment conducive to all learners.
  3. Facilitates children developing a positive self-image, academic and social/emotional success through the implementation of developmentally appropriate practices.  We are a discovery and experiential program where children learn through intentional play.  We assess their progress through authentic assessment and documentation. 

Parent relations

  1. Creates a positive relationship with all parents enrolling children in the school.
  2. Available for telephone and/or personal parent conferences whenever necessary.
  3. Attends parent meetings and assists in planning and executing all parent functions.
  4. Prepares all students’ conference/progress reports, twice yearly, and meets with all parents to discuss progress and goals.
  5. Encourages parent participation as part of classroom activities.
  6. Maintains an active system of parent-school relationship and communication


  1. Maintains a neat and clean physical appearance.
  2. Notifies the director and co-teachers in event of illness
  3. Works with all staff members and persons affiliated with the school in a cooperative and supportive manner.
  4. Follows the personnel policies of St. Mary Parish and St. Mary Catholic Virtue School.
  5. Provides a religious emphasis in the preschool learning environment.
  6. Keeps a positive line of communication open between St. Mary Catholic Virtue School, our families, and the community.



Recommended Skills

  1. Familiar with if not proficient in computer programs including Word and MAC.
  2. Prior knowledge of Colorado Shines, NAEYC accreditation and standards, Health Department Regulations and Colorado Rules and Regulations.
  3. Level III or CDA or above.
  4. 3-5 years prior teaching in early childhood education preferred.
  5. Preferred: BA or BS or AA in ECE or equivalent
  6. Positive role model.
  7. Understanding of special needs and where to find resources to assist families and staff.



  • Is a fully initiated Catholic in the communion of the Catholic Church and intentionally living out the five precepts of the Church (CCC 2041-2043);
  • Refrain from promotion or approval of, or the living out of, any conduct or lifestyle that would reflect discredit or disgrace on, or cause scandal in relationship to, the Archdiocese of Denver, or considered to be in contradiction with Catholic doctrine or morals;
  • Effective supervisory skills;
  • Exceptional listening and verbal communication skills;
  • Must have necessary background and training in early childhood education methods;
  • Must have understanding of child development skills necessary to relate to the students being taught;
  • Must have appropriate control and discipline techniques to successfully manage a classroom;
  • Must work cooperatively with school staff and administration;
  • Requires sound judgment and decision-making skills;
  • Knowledge of and willingness to implement safety and emergency procedures;
  • Positive references and recommendations;
  • Complete necessary training as required by CDHS and the Archdiocese of Denver Office of Catholic Schools;
  • Successfully complete CPR/1st aid training and Universal Precautions upon hire;


  • Requires lifting up to 40 pounds and carrying up to 40 pounds.
  • Ability to execute appropriate safety and emergency procedures, including leading evacuations and providing basic first aid.


The employee must be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church and an active member of a Roman Catholic Parish.

As all Archdiocesan employees represent the Roman Catholic Church, they are expected to conduct themselves according to the teachings, goals and mission of the Church in performing their work. Every employee of St. Mary Catholic School/Parish is expected to:

  • Model virtue and justice
  • Create a warm, welcoming, positive and cheerful workplace for students, staff, and parishioners
  • Foster respect and dignity of all, do not gossip, do not slander or malign others
  • Embrace a spirit of docility, obedience, and accept the leadership and vision of the Pastor
  • Maintain confidentiality in all aspects of the job
  • Demonstrate reliability, punctuality and personal integrity, not allowing personal issues to interfere with managing work responsibilities
  • Adhere to business professional dress code