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Housekeeping Room Attendent

Job Details

$12.00 - $14.50



Complete responsibility for the cleanliness and appearance of all assigned Guest Rooms and hallways.


This includes, but is not limited to the following:

a)      Change all used linen daily

b)      Vacuum carpets daily

c)       Clean bathrooms thoroughly

d)      Dust all furniture and fixtures including headboards, mirrors, picture frames, credenzas, televisions, tables, etc

e)      Have complete understanding of the proper layout of the furniture and amenities in each room type. Ensure that furnishings and correct amenities are in their    proper places after the room is cleaned.

f)       Be accountable for the guest’s belongings left in the room. Any found items must be turned in immediately to your Supervisor.

g)      Be aware of any suspicious activities or persons. Report such activity immediately to your supervisor or the General Manager.

h)      Place keys left behind by guests in the key box on cart.

i)        Watch for message lights left on in Check-out rooms. Report to Front Desk.

j)        When working inside a guest room, pull your cart in front of the door to the room, making sure that it is not blocking the hallway. If someone tries to enter the room while you are working, ask to see their key. Report any problems to your supervisor or the General Manager.

k)      Do not allow anyone into a room without verifying their ID and that they are the individuals renting the room.

l)        Follow all departmental rules and procedures in doing your job.

m)    Maintain assigned equipment. Empty vacuum bags, check belts, etc. Report any problems with your equipment to your supervisor or maintenance immediately.

n)      Be aware of and follow all safety rules and use caution in doing the job.

o)      Other duties as assigned.



Educational Skills


Job Experience


Communication Skills

Speak English

Read English

Write English

Business Mechanical Skills


Normal Work Position

Standing and walking 100% of the time

Lifting and Bending

Minimum Weight Employee must be able to lift:

50 pounds

Working Conditions

Work alone and with others



Dirty at times

Hazardous materials