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Middle School Dean of Students

Job Details




In an authentically diverse community reflective of Los Angeles, New Roads prepares young people for life by developing in them a personal dedication to learning, a respect for independent thinking, an expanding curiosity about the world and its people, and a commitment to the common good.




Reporting to the Middle School Director, the Dean of Students responds to routine disciplinary issues and supports parents and students in understanding and upholding New Roads core values. The Dean of Students is also responsible for supporting students in embodying the Ways of the Jag (New Roads core values) and maintaining the generative climate and culture-- built on relational orientation, holistic integration, and radical inclusion--to promote the optimal, holistic human development and wellbeing of each student. The Middle School Dean of Students is also responsible for overseeing, developing, and evaluating the co-curricular program that is intentionally aligned with the mission, statement of philosophy, commitments, and academic program as well as collaborating with faculty to foster a learning environment that promotes the recognition, appreciation, and encouragement of each persons full and unique human potential.





  • Holds primary responsibility for working with the Middle School Director as well as the Director of Student Wellbeing and Human Development to maintain a relationally connected, optimal, and generative climate and culture for learning, human development, and wellbeing

  • Supports students in internalizing and acting upon Way of the Jag ( New Roads core values) so that they are operationalized and manifested daily in the culture inside and outside of the classroom..

  • Orient students and parents to the New Roads culture and values.

  • Handle routine disciplinary issues, following up with teachers and parents when necessary and determining/implementing disciplinary consequences.

  • Document student disciplinary action, grounded in school policies and values.

  • Attend Student Study meetings and co-lead with the Director of Student Learning the Student Support Team Meetings

  • Work to develop student leadership, agency, and,voice and programming and spaces to support it

  • Collaborate with the Middle School Administrative Team to meet with all 6th grade and new students and their families prior to the start of the school year, planning electives, hearing concerns, and becoming familiar with the student's needs as well as integrating them into the New Roads culture. Share pertinent information with various people in the school to coordinate and plan to support students from day one.

  • In collaboration with the Academic Dean, oversee the development and evaluation of the Orientation Program, Grade-level objectives, and Co-Curricular Programs, including goal-setting, electives, study halls, workshops, service learning, and community service within the framework of New Roads philosophy. Support teachers in developing electives and workshops and approving them.

  • Work with the Middle School Director, the K-8 Counselor, Director of Student Wellbeing and Human Development and teachers to develop and approve curriculum and topics for human development , wellness, and social-emotional wellbeing, and respond to issues that emerge at the Middle School level

  • In collaboration with the Middle School Director and Director of Spectrum monitor the progress of Spectrum students

  • Oversee, develop, evaluate, revise, and communicate with advisors regarding the advisory programming

  • Collaborate with the Middle School Administrative Team to approve student schedules and programs.

  • Create special schedules in collaboration with The Academic Dean.

  • In collaboration with the Director of Student Learning and the Academic Dean ensure accommodations for students are being implemented.

  • Foster with Grade-level Dean a class identity and community within and across classes as well as opportunities for students to appreciate each others unique gifts and backgrounds..

  • Monitor student behavior during the day, helping with supervision and being a presence on campus inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Develop student leadership to run Town Hall meeting and transform it into a student-centered space that highlights students talents, classroom work, and unique voices and that "promote[s] personal, social, political, cultural and moral understanding, instill[s] respect for the life and ecology of the earth, and foster[s] the sensitivity to embrace life's deep joys and mysteries.

  • Coordinate grade-specific end-of-year presentations with the Academic Dean

  • In consultation with the Division Director, approve and arrange/coordinate field trips and guest speakers when opportunities arise

  • Work with the MS Administrative Team and the grade level deans to identify student speakers, writers and performers, coordinate with the Music department regarding the musical performance at 8th grade culmination, and work with the English Department with 8th grade student speakers on writing and practicing their speeches.

  • Work with the Administrative Team and students to research, to select the all-school summer reading book, community read, and to plan curriculum around this book and the main topic for the first few days of school.

  • Organize, schedule and facilitate special events, such as all MS potluck, Festival of Pies, MS dance, etc.




  • Collaborate with the Middle School Director on the agenda for faculty meetings.

  • Assign faculty duties outside of their core academic courses, including lunch supervision, event chaperoning, and club advising.

  • Work with the Division Director to hire, evaluate, and staff Co-curricular programs.

  • Coordinate with various administrators/teachers/students at the Elementary and Upper School for cross-campus opportunities for learning, leadership, and mentoring.

  • In collaboration with the Academic Dean, Director of Student Learning, Counselor, and Division Director, design and monitor intervention plans with teachers for students who need more support.

  • Lead bi-weekly grade-level meetings with grade-level Deans.




  • Articulate school policies to parents.

  • Support the Middle School Director in coordinating information and communication with the Parent Village Reps.

  • Attend Parent Village meetings.

  • In collaboration with the Division Director, develop grade-level topics for parent community- evenings at each grade level.

  • Attend events (e.g. concerts, sports, plays, etc.) on a regular basis to learn more about students and connect with parents.




  • Serve on the Middle School Leadership Team.

  • Collaborate with the Middle School Administrative Team to assist in setting and implementing strategic goals for the Middle School.

  • Maintain congruence between the schools Mission Statement, Statement of Philosophy, Commitments, Ways of the Jag, and all academic activities to ensure the implementation of the schools educational values and policies

  • Work with the Middle School Director to ensure that the schedule reflects the educational priorities of the Mission, Commitments, and Statement of Philosophy

  • Work on the academic schedule with the Academic Dean to ensure that students are enrolled in the appropriate course

  • Keeps the Middle School Director informed of student issues and all other matters relevant to school life.

  • Review the Student and Family Handbook and Personnel Handbook.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Middle School Director.



  • Minimum of 5 years of teaching and administrative experience

  • Bachelor's degree required, Master's degree preferred

  • Experience working with diverse families and developing student programming

  • In addition to the above qualifications, applicants must possess the following attributes:

  • Strong collaboration skills

  • Flexibility and a strong work ethic

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills

  • Informed decision making




Interested candidates should submit application, cover letter and resume, and educational philosophy at:


Position is Full-Time, Exempt (July - June) with accrued vacation.


The salary range for this role is $80,000 - $115,000. This is the lowest to highest salary we reasonably expect to pay for this role at the time of this posting. We may ultimately pay more or less than the posted range, and the range may be modified in the future. An employees pay position within the salary range will be based on several factors including, but not limited to, relevant education, qualifications, certifications, experience, skills, performance, and organizational needs.