Electronic Banking Fraud Specialist
Job Details
Corporate Office - Oklahoma City, OK
Full Time
High School


In the area of Electronic Banking, responsible for early detection and prevention of losses through an in-depth analysis of suspect transactions identified by the Bank’s fraud transaction monitoring systems or reported by other Bank personnel. Detects, researches, monitors and disputes suspicious activity in keeping with the Bank’s established procedures to prevent Electronic Banking fraud including lost, stolen or counterfeit cards; ATM fraud; fraudulent online account openings or account takeovers; identify theft; and other forms of suspicious deposit account activity. Responsible for generating and working fraud-related reports as well as assisting in rule creation and fraud analysis models to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.


Although there will be defined divisions of responsibility within the Electronic Banking Department, the Electronic Banking Fraud Specialist must also be cross trained on duties performed by other colleagues within the Electronic Banking Department in order to serve as backup support and ensure business continuity.



Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of duties and responsibilities that are required for this position. Duties and responsibilities may change with short notice.

  • Researches and monitors suspicious activity on debit cards, online and mobile banking accounts, or electronic payment functions including tokenized transactions, positive pay, and electronic bill payments.
  • Monitors real time queues and identifies high risk transactions. Detects, disputes and prevents fraud including lost, stolen or counterfeit cards; ATM fraud; fraudulent account openings or account takeovers; identify theft; and other forms of suspicious deposit account activity.
  • Works directly with other Bank personnel in the resolution of fraud cases, including providing general step-by-step knowledge, recurring comprehensive support, positive feedback, timely consultation on alternatives and following up on results of case conclusions.  
  • Generates and works risk reports to track and prevent fraud. Reviews and processes various alerts including but not limited to Compromised Account Management Systems (CAMS) alerts and merchant breach alerts.
  • Informs senior management about fraud trends.
  • Reads, references, interprets, and helps develop written departmental procedures and makes suggestions to correct or enhance existing processes. Creates and maintains fraud analysis models to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Recommends new software tools used for fraud detection and prevention.
  • When there are issues with any of the Bank’s mitigation systems, serves as the liaison between the third-party vendors and the bank.
  • Maintains current knowledge of financial products, services, and delivery methods utilized by the Bank. Must also stay current on news alerts and other fraud related articles.
  • Takes advantage of available opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of applicable regulations, operational compliance, and the banking industry to support career development and growth.
  • Handles confidential information in a professional manner and in accordance with the Bank’s privacy policies.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned. Must be willing to be cross trained to support multiple functions within the Electronic Banking department.
  • Follows Bank regulations, policies and procedures and represents the Bank in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Regular and reliable attendance at work is an essential function of the job.


  • 1 to 3 years of work experience demonstrating a high level of analytical skill and seasoned judgement is required.
  • Prefer at least 3 years of progressive banking experience demonstrating thorough knowledge of bank products, financial transactions, deposit operations and fraud mitigation.
  • Prefer thorough knowledge of regulations pertaining to operational areas of the bank.
  • Technical writing experience is a plus.
  • Experience using SalesForce and Jack Henry Banking products, including Yellow Hammer Fraud Detective is a plus.
  • Experience using Visa Risk Manager (VRM), REDiVerify; Gladiator Enterprise Security Monitoring (ESM); NetTeller Online Banking a plus.



  • High school degree required.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred.
  • Fraud certification preferred.



  • Challenge-driven, goal-oriented and capable of handling urgent, time sensitive situations. Must have the ability to work in a fast-paced, high stress, rapidly changing environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, enabling the individual to work effectively with a great number of people at all levels in the Bank. 
  • Must have seasoned judgement regarding the relevant significance of a given development or inquiry and be able to make independent decisions while following procedural guidance.
  • Solid time management, problem solving and organizational skills with the ability to self-motivate, self-manage and prioritize multiple tasks to meet prescribed deadlines.
  • Ability to work both independently (with little to no supervision or interaction with other employees) and/or as a member of a team. 
  • Strong logical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills with common sense to approach investigations in order to mitigate fraud opportunities. 
  • Must be detail oriented with the ability to work accurately with extremely low error ratios.  
  • Highly proficient computer and technical skills, including the ability to use Bank software products.
  • Strong work ethic and high level of integrity. Must be able to be entrusted with confidential information.






PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Work in a normal office environment