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Assembly Supervisor BC2

Job Details

BC2 - Broomfield, CO
Full Time


BEGA North America is a world-renowned manufacturer of architectural lighting solutions

Who we want to be

Companies create a vision statement to answer a very important question, where are we going? A vision statement says what the organization wishes to be like in some years time. Its usually drawn up by senior leadership to take thinking beyond day-to-day activity in both a clear and memorable way. Here at BEGA, our vision is to be the industry's premier provider of architectural outdoor lighting, control, and furniture solutions.

Why we exist

Companies create a mission statement to answer the most important question, why do we exist? Its aim is to provide focus for management and staff. Mission is synonymous with shared purpose and emphasizes how the organization should view and conduct itself. Our mission should find a way to express the organizations impact on the lives of whomever we are trying to serve, and more importantly make them feel it! Here at BEGA, we have an unwavering commitment to quality above all, in our people, products, partners, and processes. Therefore, our mission is to build quality into everything we do.

Who we are

Why does a company take time to define its core values? Because values govern behavior and describe our organizations desired culture.

  • Fostering Trust Everyone at BEGA is responsible for creating an environment of trust. To do this, each of us must have the freedom to communicate with anyone, and it must be safe for everyone to offer ideas.
  • Building Community Everyone at BEGA is responsible for creating an environment of trust. To do this, each of us must have the freedom to communicate with anyone, and it must be safe for everyone to offer ideas.
  • Embracing Growth We embrace perpetual growth and development, continuous learning, and constant improvement, enabling the brand, the organization, and the individual to realize their full potential.
  • Living Responsibly We are committed to social responsibility and minimizing our impact on the environment over time. To deliver on this mission critical promise we take a balanced approach to people and the planet.

What we believe in

  • Respect we treat everyone with respect by being polite and kind.
  • Integrity we act with integrity by being honest and following our moral and ethical convictions.
  • Ownership we possess an orientation of ownership and a mentality that desires us all to thrive.
  • Accountability we lead by example, always accountable for doing what we agreed we would do.


Position Profile

The Assembly Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of Assembly department personnel in order to meet BEGA North Americas business objectives as they relate to the department. The area of responsibility includes sub-assembly and luminaire assembly. This position provides leadership and supervision to members of the assembly team and reports to the Manufacturing Manager.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Experience with electro-mechanical assembly. Ability to understand BOM structure.
  • Experience supervising/managing in a manufacturing operation including safety, performance management, mentoring, training and development, and timekeeping/payroll.
  • Demonstrated record of successfully implementing and sustaining improvement actions on the production floor using problem-solving tools (PDCA, 5-Why).
  • Experience utilizing lean concepts/tools such as 5S/6S, 8-wastes, standard work, and one-piece-flow.
  • Effective communication skills (verbal, written) in a one-on-one and team environment. Spanish language skills a plus.
  • Computer and software competency with MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), and ERP systems.
  • HS diploma, and 4 years of experience in a leadership position in a manufacturing environment.

What youll do

  • Set the safety climate within the department encouraging near miss reporting, responding appropriately to all near misses, first aid and/or OSHA recordable injuries to prevent recurrence.
  • Ensure that all department personnel have the appropriate training, work instructions, tools, and equipment to be successful.
  • Lead department projects to drive continuous improvement in safety, on-time delivery, quality, and productivity.
  • Develop department employees by applying situational coaching and leadership techniques.
  • Facilitate department Tier I reviews, updating metrics and driving daily improvement actions for safety, delivery, quality, and productivity.
  • Work with vendors and the purchasing department to ensure an adequate supply of tools, and consumable materials that is cost effective and minimizes spoilage.
  • Administer employee policies, practices, procedures, and work rules that are appropriate for the department.
  • Works with individual employees to set goals that align with department objectives. Help employees achieve goals through regular check-ins, coaching, daily management, and performance reviews.
  • Participate in recruiting activities for open department positions including interviewing, providing feedback to candidates and HR, and onboarding.

Performance Measurements

  • Improvement in department metrics (Safety, OTD, Quality, Productivity).
  • Timely completion of agreed upon goals that support the overall business objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to problem solve, drive for results, manage process, communicate effectively, and make quality decisions.
  • Improve and strengthen the company culture by demonstrating BEGAs values in your words and actions.

Leadership Principles

And finally, BEGA has put forth a set of governing principles. If values govern behavior, principles govern consequences, and weve established four principles to provide the entire organization with a set of hierarchical direction for decision making. First and foremost, as a leader at BEGA, you are the Brand. Be proud of it and protect it. Second, People are BEGAs most asset.

Our decisions should always reflect this. Third, Safety is our priority. Zero lost-time accidents are not a goal, its an expectation. And finally, we strive for Excellence in everything we do!

Position Dimensions

  • Single shift (up to 12 hours) with 10-15 employees
  • Manage 2-6 work cells that produce 1000-3000 finished goods per week.
  • 35-55% of daily time spent directly in manufacturing areas.

Salary Range

$ 27.39 - $34.23 hourly depending on experience/qualifications reflects the negotiable range for hire. The top of the range $41.11, is reserved for salary advancement and growth for this position.

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