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Paint and Fabrication Supervisor BC2

Job Details

BC2 - Broomfield, CO
Full Time


Position Profile

The Paint Supervisor will have a demonstrated ability to manage the day-to-day operations of the department. They will be able to ensure the team works effectively to meet its objectives for on-time delivery and quality standards. The Paint Supervisor will maintain good rapport with the team through effective leadership, coordination, and technical support. This individual will possess strong problem-solving skills, as well as an inclusive, positive attitude that fosters teamwork and growth. The Paint Supervisor will be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with other departments, management, and the executive team. This extends to outside vendors to drive product quality and technical support. The Paint Supervisor will possess strong interpersonal skills to effectively conduct performance reviews, coaching, technical training, as well as disciplinary action when required. Extensive knowledge of paint and coatings processes as well as BEGA product knowledge are essential to the Paint Supervisors position.


Knowledge & Experience

  • 4 years of experience in industrial paint or powder coating environment.
  • Have an in-depth technical understanding of the entire paint and powder coat process, including quality standards, performance characteristics, testing methods, and industry certifications such as AAMA 2604, 2605.
  • NACE training and/or certification
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent supervisory skills, proven experience leading a team.
  • Technical experience related to machining, and CNC machining experience.
  • Familiarity with reading drawings. GD&T (general dimensioning and tolerancing) a plus.
  • Experience with equipment change-over and SMED.
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, etc).
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Proven problem-solving abilities with an attention to detail.
  • Positive, open-minded approach

What youll do

  • Initiate, coordinate, and regularly review department policies and procedures
  • Maintain strong safety culture through promotion of safety culture and enforcing safety standards
  • Provide coaching, instruction, and support while also holding employees accountable for performance and conduct expectations.
  • Maintain staff by recruitment and training of employees, conduct performance reviews to guide expectations.
  • Approve employee timecards, time-off requests, and other employee management duties within Paycom human resource software
  • Conduct performance review and employee check-ins
  • Work with employees to set goals to meet department objectives; set expectations and coach employees on their progress.
  • Maintain workflow by monitoring process steps; observing control points and equipment; monitoring personnel and resources; studying methods; implementing cost reductions; developing reporting procedures and systems; facilitating corrections to malfunctions within process control points; initiating and fostering a spirit of cooperation within and between departments.
  • Complete production plan by scheduling and assigning personnel; establishing priorities; monitoring progress; revising schedules; and resolving problems.
  • Maintain product quality by establishing and enforcing organization standards.
  • Ensure proper operation of equipment by scheduling repairs, evaluating new equipment and techniques.
  • Display and communicate performance information by compiling, sorting, and analyzing production data using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Create and revise processes by analyzing operating practices, record-keeping systems, forms of control, and budgetary and personnel requirements; implementing change as required.
  • Maintain safe and clean work environment by educating and directing personnel on the use of all control points, equipment, and resources; maintain compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Resolve personnel problems by analyzing data; investigating issues; identifying solutions, and initiating action.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices.
  • Be an active participant in projects and problem solving involving multiple departments; work in cross functional teams for continuous improvement.
  • Manage and execute all aspects of custom color WOs including communication with Sales Service, determine materials and quantity required for orders, approve color matches, and organization of data and hard samples.
  • Any additional duties assigned by the Plant Manager

Performance Measurements

  • Ensure staff are trained and follow all procedures.
  • Ability to supervise the set-up and operation of all department finishing processes.
  • Adherence to production schedule, quality standards, and productivity expectations
  • Works well with co-workers and takes constructive criticism from peers and Supervisors. (Peer reviews)
  • Creates an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Creates a team working environment and maintains adherence process and safety procedures.
  • Timeliness and responsiveness to production schedules and implementation of new programs.
  • Responds in a timely manner to informational requests from department managers.
  • Demonstrated ability to problem solve, drive for results, manage process, communicate effectively, and make quality decisions


Salary Range

$27.39 - $34.23 Hourly depending on experience/qualifications reflects the negotiable range for hire. The top of the range $41.11, is reserved for salary advancement and growth for this position.


Leadership Principles

Leadership - Able to develop and share insights and the aptitude to mobilize and inspire others to action. Leadership is about finding possibilities and developing people, utilizing their strengths, and shaping the future.

Coaching & Talent Development - Overseeing talent development programs and efforts; taking interest in the advancement of subordinates; having a high rate of success of previous subordinates in other functional areas or organizations.

Organizational Agility - Overcoming barriers; finding solutions; having a positive attitude; being able to solve problems; finding resources to address a challenge; responding to a lack of formal resources.


Position Dimensions

  • Single shift (up to 10 hours) supervising 10-15 employees within the department.
  • Ability to work overtime including weekends as required.
  • 3,500 parts produced per week.
  • 90% of daily time spent directly in manufacturing areas.
  • Use of all applicable PPE as required.
  • Ability to travel for training and relevant events.



BEGA Campus 2 (BC2) is part of a master planned community known as Baseline located in Broomfield, Colorado. Baseline is a community created for people who are social by nature, who value experiences over things, and who regularly gaze west towards the Rockies to remind themselves why they live in Colorado. We offer an attractive compensation package, including health care, 401(k), vacation and personal pay, educational reimbursement program, wellness programs and a remarkable work environment.


BEGA North America is a world-renowned manufacturer of architectural lighting solutions



Who we want to be

Companies create a vision statement to answer a very important question, where are we going? A vision statement says what the organization wishes to be like in some years time. Its usually drawn up by senior leadership to take thinking beyond day-to-day activity in both a clear and memorable way. Here at BEGA, our vision is to be the industry's premier provider of architectural outdoor lighting, control, and furniture solutions.


Why we exist

Companies create a mission statement to answer the most important question, why do we exist? Its aim is to provide focus for management and staff. Mission is synonymous with shared purpose and emphasizes how the organization should view and conduct itself. Our mission should find a way to express the organizations impact on the lives of whomever we are trying to serve, and more importantly make them feel it! Here at BEGA, we have an unwavering commitment to quality above all, in our people, products, partners, and processes. Therefore, our mission is to build quality into everything we do.


Who we are

Why does a company take time to define its core values? Because values govern behavior and describe our organizations desired culture.

  • Fostering Trust Everyone at BEGA is responsible for creating an environment of trust. To do this, each of us must have the freedom to communicate with anyone, and it must be safe for everyone to offer ideas.
  • Building Community Everyone at BEGA is responsible for creating an environment of trust. To do this, each of us must have the freedom to communicate with anyone, and it must be safe for everyone to offer ideas.
  • Embracing Growth We embrace perpetual growth and development, continuous learning, and constant improvement, enabling the brand, the organization, and the individual to realize their full potential.
  • Living Responsibly We are committed to social responsibility and minimizing our impact on the environment over time. To deliver on this mission critical promise we take a balanced approach to people and the planet.


What we believe in

  • Respect we treat everyone with respect by being polite and kind.
  • Integrity we act with integrity by being honest and following our moral and ethical convictions.
  • Ownership we possess an orientation of ownership and a mentality that desires us all to thrive.
  • Accountability we lead by example, always accountable for doing what we agreed we would do.
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