Zoo Keeper: Central Zoo
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Full Time
Zoo Keeper: Central Zoo

Applications are being accepted for a full-time Zoo Keeper in the Central Zoo.

The Zoo Keeper performs work necessary to provide basic daily animal care for zoo animals, ensures appropriate animal welfare, and performs husbandry practices such as operant conditioning, enrichment strategy, and assisting with husbandry and enclosure furnishing design. This position is responsible for daily husbandry of red pandas, turkey vulture, prairie dogs, and peafowl with the possibility to be cross trained on the other Central Section routes. This position will also be responsible for ensuring a positive and educational guest experience with the new red panda encounters at Red Panda Ridge. 

A Bachelor’s Degree in an animal-related field and one year of experience in a zoological setting are preferred. This is a full-time position requiring availability for a 40-hour work week year-round. See www.kidszoo.org for a full job description.

Application Deadline: August 19, 2022