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Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Performance Manager

Job Details

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - Los Angeles, CA
$10,000.00 - $12,000.00 Salary/year



Now accepting applications for the Thirteenth Floor ‘Los Angeles HAUNTED HAYRIDE’  Performance Manager role!

This Performance Manager role is a seasonal, part-time role at the Haunted Hayride. This position reports directly to the General Manager.

Job Summary

Responsible for directing and overseeing the overall Acting onsite including the Hayride, Mazes, Roamers and Icon Characters. Responsible for training, motivating and disciplining Attraction Leads, Runners and Actors. Must ensure performers adhere to company policies and safety standards; maintain quality control of the entire show including haunted house and outdoor performers; responsible for reporting any damage or repairs to sets, props, etc. to Production, Costume and Makeup Departments.

Seasonal Responsibilities

Develop/Schedule Training Calendar for Performers.
Conduct Pre-season Training for Performance Departments and Mid-season Training for late hires.
Assists the GM in hiring and interviewing Attraction Leads and Runners.
Develop and retain a core group of Actors for the season.
Coordinate supply needs with GM.
Identify struggling or ineffective scare techniques; then work with GM to create solutions.
Monitor safety, guest throughput and correct choke issues.
Maintain the standard of Show Quality set by the General Manager and Production Department.
Schedule Performance staff to meet operational needs of the GM and Attractions.
Communicate and Assist GM on Live News/Media appearances.
Attend weekly managerial staff meetings.
Complete portion of Weekly Recap for GM.
Identify future management candidates.

Show Night Responsibilities

Manage actor check in and checkouts.
Oversee placement of actors in all attractions.
Pre-show walk through 10 minutes before the show is open.
Walk through a minimum of 4 times a night to ensure quality control. 
Oversee all performance staff through start of the show and end of show processing.
Ensure the attraction is ready to open on time. Work with Production Techs, Costume, Makeup and GM in coordinating start of shift logistics and issues.
Once open, continually move through attractions and lot, constantly checking on actors and ensuring proper breaking procedures are being followed.
Immediately address issues inside attractions as needed (safety, something broke, actor is scaring incorrectly, Guests not scared, not enough energy from staff, etc.).
Motivate and energize performance staff.
Assign break times to have Runners carry out.
Coach scene actors on scare techniques like timing, intensity, misdirection, etc.
Nightly notes on show performance for Weekly Recap.


Work Requirements

Minimum 2 years experience in a managerial level position in live entertainment .
Extensive knowledge of team management, leadership skills, and acting experience. Haunted house experience is a plus, but not required.
Ability to perform highly detailed work on multiple concurrent tasks.
Ability to read, write, comprehend and follow instructions.
Ability to use basic computer applications including email, word processing and spreadsheets.
Ability to work a varying schedule in terms of days and hours, as dictated by business needs.
Other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands

While performing the duties of this job, employees are regularly required to stand, walk; perform in character; wear a combination of makeup, prosthetics, masks and costumes during their performance; use hands to operate standard office equipment; reach with hands and arms; and lift up to 25 pounds. Employees work in dark conditions; with loud noises, confusing lights and sound; exposed to theatrical fog; with loud, prolonged noise levels; in close proximity of customers. In certain assignments, an employee may work near moving equipment and be exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

The Performance Manager is a part-time, seasonal position.

Job Period: June 15 – November 10th

Rate: Flat Rate DOE ($10,000.00 - $12,000.00 USD)