Research Technician - Lab Management
Job Details
Job Description

We seek an entry level Research Technician to perform vital laboratory tasks to support the continued success of our research teams. The candidate will be part of a lab management team that works in a unified and collaborative manner to ensure the efficient operation of the laboratory. 



  • Coordinate multiple tasks with team members to provide needed supplies 

  • Prepare reagents including buffers, chemicals solutions, complex reaction mixtures and media according to established methods and standard operating procedures (SOP) 

  • Maintain glassware by picking-up, cleaning, washing, autoclaving, and distributing 

  • Perform tasks using aseptic techniques including working within a biological safety cabinet 

  • Participate in the general maintenance of all equipment related to the preparation of assay materials and assist in the monitoring and reporting of equipment conditions 

  • Assist with inventory management of supplies and solvents by placing orders and verifying receipt of items 

  • Enhance laboratory organization by taking ownership of new requests 


Job Qualifications


  • 6 months - 2 years hands-on laboratory experience 

  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, medical technology or related field 

  • Highly motivated individual capable of working independently and as part of a team 

  • Demonstrated organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks