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Construction Superintendent - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Job Details

South Florida - Fort Lauderdale/Sarasota Area - Fort Lauderdale, FL


Job Summary

The Superintendent will manage all phases of the construction process from planning to completion, including tasks such as troubleshooting, budgeting, organization, scheduling and implementation. The Superintendent will follow quality standards, processes and procedures set forth by the construction department and ensure safety at the construction site. This role will manage, communicate and negotiate with external partners, such as vendors and general contractors to ensure all construction projects are delivered on time and in a cost-effective manner.


Essential Duties: 


  • Manage all phases of the construction process and the project schedule to ensure the project is completed in compliance with the contract terms.
  • Recruit, Onboard and Manage general contractor partners to ensure proper coverage of tasks and complete quality unit construction at assigned locations
  • Ensure general contractors are in compliance with Net Vendor while on site.
  • Plan, Organize and Direct activities for on-site construction projects completed by sub-contractors as well as monitor work procedures, complaints, and construction concerns.
  • Review, Inspect, and Test unit construction systems, materials, documents, techniques, and workmanship to ensure conformance to the scope of work, material specifications, and applicable standards, including the quality control plan and field inspections.
  • Manage all or part of the cost of planning, design, and construction process to remain within the company’s budget, including adhering to set budgets, labor pricing and change order pricing, cost reporting, cost breakouts, pay requests, cash flow analysis, and forecasts.
  • Monitor and ensure adherence to project objectives, policies, procedures, and performance standards within boundaries of company policy
  • Partner with on-site staff, subcontractors, and inspectors to ensure completion of tasks.
  • Implement and monitor procedures to protect the health and safety of job site team members, visitors, and the general public. This includes job site safety plan, safety inspections, subcontractor insurance compliance, OSHA compliance, and maintaining current OSHA training.
  • Understands and has thorough knowledge of construction techniques and the ability to derive the most efficient method of completing tasks.
  • Ensure all parts and appliances are ordered and delivered to units as needed and on time, forecast and manage inventory on bulk orders to ensure we have corrected quantity on each site.
  • Coordinate all vendor deliveries to the property to ensure items are received and secured.
  • Inventory all kits delivered to units’ same day to ensure all items delivered are as ordered and send list of missing items to vendor for correction
  • Track all appliances serial and warranty information for every unit & collect all warranty paperwork
  • Walk units daily to ensure the general contractors and direct vendors install on time and in accordance with the delivery schedule.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Education & Experience: 

  • High School Diploma or equivalent is required
  • 2-5 years of work experience in renovation or construction industry preferred
  • One (1) or more years work experience in multi-family property maintenance preferred.
  • Working knowledge of and experience in maintenance, renovation, and construction.


Licenses & Certifications: 

  • N/A

Knowledge & Skills: 

  • Project Management – Ability to organize and direct a project to completion.
  • Detail Oriented – Ability to pay attention to the minute details of a project or task.
  • Mathematical Skills – Proficient at quickly assessing and calculating any project need, from materials to budget management to time management of direct reports and vendors.
  • Problem Solving – Ability to find a solution for or to deal proactively with work-related problems.
  • Communication Skills – Ability to communicate effectively when speaking.  Writing skills must demonstrate clear and concise messages.
  • Customer Service – Must possess a genuine, service-oriented client engagement approach.
  • Technical Knowledge – Must have ability to prepare reports and schedules
  • Leadership Skills – Ability to lead teams and influence positive outcomes.
  • Flexible Work Style – Adaptability to the needs of the organization and team members.
  • Organizational Skills – Ability to prioritize multiple tasks quickly and with urgency and/ or to delegate them when appropriate.
  • Mechanical Knowledge – In-depth knowledge of most common tools, resources and equipment regularly used to repair multi-family residences.
  • Computer Skills – Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.
  • Bilingual ability in English and Spanish preferred, but not required.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Valid driver’s license required