Network Security Engineer
Job Details
Skyline Technology Solutions Headquarters - Glen Burnie, MD
Full Time
4 Year Degree (Bachelor's) or equivalent
Information Technology

About Skyline

Our mission is to build a more resilient and connected society. By providing flawless, next-generation IT services, our team plays an integral role in ensuring that millions of drivers on miles of roads get where they need to go, literally! We help our clients keep their state moving, and their cities and neighborhoods safe.

We create business-aware networks today that are flexible and scalable for tomorrow. Our approach lies in understanding your mission and designing a network that will evolve as you face new challenges in a multi-tenant environment. We design the building blocks for future growth with specific expertise in enterprise networks, data centers, and service providers.


About Our Team

We provide flawless, next-generation IT Services, playing an integral role in every aspect of IT infrastructure serving the state of Marylands Department of IT (DoIT) as the prime contractor and trusted ambassador for the networkMaryland contract.

We focus on end-to-end customer experience by co-creating value with DoIT and DoITs customers. We bring carrier-class service provider engineering and operational excellence and an emphasis on strategic partnership and thought leadership which allows us to deliver continuous improvements and ensure our solutions are built for scalability.


Our New Teammate

We are looking for a Network Security Engineer with a passion for solving complex security issues and who has experience designing, developing, implementing, maintaining, and enhancing Palo Alto security infrastructure, including security applications.

Our new teammate will define and implement role-based access processes and procedures. They will also implement those requirements into our Clients authentication tools, including automating rights assignments to prevent exploits of the network.


You can expect to spend your time accomplishing the following:

  • 40% of time on Objective 1: Oversee and improve network security
  • 40% of time on Objective 2: Design, develop, engineer, and implement access management and control network security solutions.
  • 10% of time on Objective 3: Provide documentation for installations and ongoing support.
  • 10% of time on Objective 4: Continuous development of personal and organizational cybersecurity knowledge.



Job Responsibilities What to Expect

  • Effectively design, develop, engineer, and implement access management and control network security solutions.
    • Define and maintain role-based access control through determining and documenting the access rights necessary for each role within the enterprise to successfully carry out its assigned duties.
    • Research and implement security tools such as biometrics, smart cards, secure remote access, VPN, Intrusion detection, port scanning, and web security as appropriate for each project, technology, and/or tool.
    • Design and deploy security solutions on end-user devices which require user authentication via enterprise-managed VPN and authentication services before allowing access to enterprise resources, applications, and data.
    • Diligently use processes and tools to assign and manage authorization for user account credentials (administrator accounts and service accounts) to enterprise assets and software.
    • Establish and follow an add and/or change access process, preferably automated, for granting enterprise assets access rights to new hires, existing users, and/or role/job changes.
  • Oversee and improve network security.
    • Complete vulnerability assessments and necessary remediation, including documentation for lessons learned and knowledge base.
    • Proactively establish, implement, and actively manage the tracking reporting, and correction of network devices, to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerable network services and access points.
    • Routinely perform annual access control reviews of enterprise assets to validate that all privileges are authorized. Annual reviews are mandatory, though more frequent reviews are encouraged.
    • Proactively review and maintain Firewall Applications/Services.
  • Provide documentation for installations and ongoing support.
    • Provide pre-implementation support for projects.
    • Suggest and detail design changes as needed.
  • Work remotely or onsite as per business requirements.
  • Other duties as assigned by management.

Knowledge & Expertise

  • A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent work experience.
  • 8+ years in Information Technology including 5+ years in Information Security.
  • Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) certification required.
  • Experience with installing and supporting Palo Alto Security applications (hardware/virtual).
  • Expert-level knowledge of:
    • Panorama, Wildfire, Global Protect, and other Palo Alto features including but not limited to SSL decryption and URL filtering.
    • Remote user access technologies including Global Protect Experience with Wireshark and/or other protocol analyzers.
    • Certificate Management and authentication methodologies, including 2FA, RADIUS, LDAP, and AD.
  • Practical experience with SASE, Prisma Access, or SD-WAN architectures and providers.
  • Strong networking skills with routing, BGP, OSPF, WAN, etc.
  • Strong Microsoft Azure experience.
  • Excellent written and communication skills.


Additional Requirements

Our Client is a state agency and therefore we have some additional requirements directly from them. Candidates must understand the following:

  • Candidates must be able to verify U.S. Citizenship or Green-Card status.
    • H1B or other visas are not eligible.
  • Pre-employment drug test is required.
  • Pre-employment background check will be run, and in addition, once hired there will be an FBI Fingerprinting and background check as part of the security process for access into government systems.