Construction Coordinator
Job Details
Yakima - , WA

Position Summary:

The Construction Coordinator (CC) will have primary responsibility to motivate, guide, train, coordinate and lead building groups (made up of individuals and families) through the entire construction process to certificates of occupancy for CCHS New Life Homes (NLH) Mutual Self-help Housing Program. The Construction Coordinator will ensure building group members work cooperatively and safely to promote good will among and between participants and ensure that all the homes are complete on time and on budget having meet all program compliance requirements.


Budget and plan all construction activities for the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program

  • Assists with the development of housing unit and off- and on-site infrastructure construction plans and specifications.
  • Prepare and submit building permits
  • Assists with creating and analyzing budgets for on-site, off site and home construction costs
  • Assists with planning development activities and in particular, construction schedules for all phases of construction.
  • Responsible for maintaining clean, orderly and safe job site at all times
  • Diligently follow all policies and procedures in Construction Handbook

Secure bids from contractors, coordinate construction activities performed by subcontractors and Building Group members

  • Secures bids from competent subcontractors for all construction trades necessary to fully complete construction of NLH construction projects.
  • Coordinate construction crews with the Residential Construction Specialist in successfully completing NLH construction projects on time and on budget
  • Coordinate and oversee work completed by subcontractors to ensure quality workmanship, timely and within budget
  • Analyze and provide subcontractor bids to the group; provide a written explanation when there are less than three bids or if any bid is over budget
  • Administer all subcontracts on behalf of the group by maintaining good lines of communication with subcontractors and building group
  • Evaluate and monitor all change order requests or contract modifications

Manage the construction schedule and comply with all local jurisdictional and funder requirements including securing permits, scheduling inspections, connection of utilities and reporting requirements

  • Oversees and maintains adherence to the project construction schedule
  • Complies with all required local jurisdiction requirements including securing permits and scheduling inspections
  • Insures proper connection of required utilities.
  • Maintain records including Building Group Agreements, Policy and Procedure notifications, Group Labor Hour Reports, construction manuals, warranties and construction invoices.

Provide assistance with construction and safety training and work scheduling for sweat equity group activities required for program participants

  • Assists with construction and safety training for NLH sweaty equity program participants
  • Assists with supervision of sweat equity work activities
  • Purchasing and inventory control to ensure adequate equipment and supplies, ensure all deliveries are consistent with purchase orders in quality and quantity and per specifications
  • Monitor invoices to ensure proper and timely payment
  • Assist with proper training, use, installation and storage of all materials, equipment and supplies

Coordinate and facilitate Building Group(s)

  • Follow, enforce and continually refer back to the Building Group Membership and Labor Agreement guidelines
  • Foster a safe, open and respectful Building Group environment where all members are treated with dignity and respect
  • Provide daily and weekly goals to motivate group members and share the importance of each members role in achieving the construction timeline
  • Help all members problem solve in a group setting and resolve disagreements while maintaining the dignity and respect of all members, subcontractors, volunteers, suppliers and/or agency staff.
  • Establish written tasks, time frames and clearly identify person(s) responsible completion
  • Set and maintain regular group meetings to discuss work progress, issues and team building exercises

Perform other duties as assigned

  • Meets with Residential Construction Specialist, Single Family Program Manager, other CCHS staff, and the Director in planning and staff meetings as required.

Job Requirements:

The following requirements are those that are normally required for the performance of this position. The position works primarily at residential construction sites and is generally performed outdoors, in a variety of weather conditions, and involves exposure to construction site hazards. Any disabled applicant who does not meet one or more of the requirements, but who can perform the essential functions of the job (with or without reasonable accommodations) shall be deemed to meet these requirements.

Physical Requirements:

This position normally requires the physical demands of standing, walking, bending, lifting or performing other work requiring above average physical exertion, talking, and hearing on a regular basis to perform the job requirement. These physical demands are required up to 90% of the time.

Non-Physical Requirements:


  • Bachelors degree in Construction, Construction Project Management from an accredited college or university or closely related field
  • High School Diploma
  • A combination of education and/or experience may compensate for the educational requirement


  • 3 years experience in Business Administration, Construction or Construction Project Management
  • Five years experience in construction trades

Special Skills

  • Ability to read and understand blueprints, specifications sheets, and materials associated with residential housing construction
  • Ability to perform take off from plans
  • Computer skills including knowledge of spreadsheets, word processing, e-mail and internet access
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • High self-motivation and willingness to work in a team setting
  • High level of working independently
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Strong written and oral communications skills

Licensure, Registration, Certification

  • Valid Washington State drivers license and agency minimum liability insurance

Employment is conditional upon:

  • Being cleared by criminal background check and fingerprinting when required