Quality Manager
Job Details
Roechling Automotive- Duncan - Duncan, SC

It is time for a new challenge. And time to arrive where you want to be. We have grown steadily, together as a team. Would you like to grow too? For us and with us? If you answered yes, we have career opportunities for you! Do you have what it takes to spur game-changing innovation? Do you crave being a part of the solution, while enjoying training and learning opportunities? Then get ready to join the Roechling Automotive team and become part of the next chapter in our history!

General Description:

  • Establish and maintain a quality organization for series quality that
    • improves customer satisfaction
    • reduces customer complains, scrap and costs for nonconforming quality
    • meets the departmental and company goals
  • Support continuous improvement of the company and support the reduction of “waste” (downtime, inefficiency, …)
  • Represent company to customers
  • Address Customer Issues and Non-Conformities through Quality Engineering team.
  • Participate and Organize regular Corrective Action meetings and escalation meetings for issues not being resolved in a timely manner. Manage department staff.
  • Oversee, maintain and improve the QRQC process. Support problem analysis/ problem solving process (e.g. through “Drill Deep” or “5Why”)
  • Management Representative ISO/TS16949
  • Manage technical and dimensional lab
  • Manage customer part approval submissions
  • Support engineering changes with dimensional and physical testing
  • Ensure compliance with customer requirements
  • Failure/customer return analysis
  • Customer/Industry Standard Implementation/Maintenance
  • Continuous improvement of the organization through internal audits
  • Oversee departmental activities.
  • Establish department qoals with Senior Management team, track and report department measurables to Senior Management team.
  • Other duties as needed
  • Training in quality specific core tools such as FMEA, SPC, MSA, Problem solving methods such as 5 Why, Ishikawa.
  • CCC – Establishing, implementing and maintaining the requirements of CCC (CNCA-C11-09: 2014)
  • CCC - Ensure product consistency and conformity between product and standard
  • Correctly use CCC certificate and mark, and ensure continuous validity of certificate status of products affixed with CCC mark.

Work experience requirements:

  • Minimum experience – 5-7 years in related position

Education Requirements:

  • BS in related field preferred with applicable job experience preferred
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