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ELA Preschool Staff (2023-24)

Job Details

Full-Time or Part-Time
High School Diploma or Equivalent


Position: Preschool Classroom Assistant

Classification: Non-Exempt

Primary Reporting Relationship: ELA Director

Secondary Reporting Relationships: ELA Assistant Directors / Registrar

Ministry Areas: The Early Learning Academy at Bay Area Christian School

Interfaces: Students, parents, administrators, staff, and other stakeholders as appropriate

Mission: Providing quality Christian education impacting lives for now and eternity.

Profile: Our organization has a culture led by a collaborative and cohesive team that is dedicated to accomplishing our mission while living a lifestyle that demonstrates our Values:

  • Gospel Restoration

  • Spirit and Truth Empowerment

  • Relentless Love

  • Hands-On Service

  • Kingdom Partnership

Employee Profile:

  • Acceptance of and agreement with the Bay Area Church statement of faith and standard of conduct
  • A strong, clear Christian testimony
  • A lifestyle that displays an ongoing personal relationship with God and a commitment to serve Him daily

Job Purpose: The Classroom Assistant shall prayerfully assist the Classroom Teacher help students learn attitudes, skills, and subject matter that will contribute to their development as mature, able, and responsible Christians to the praise and glory of God.


Please review the detailed job description for this position here.