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Job Description:

A Sully's employee is responsible for providing outstanding customer service to our loyal customers. Basic duties include working the cash register while multi-tasking various duties such as cleaning and stocking; all while maintaining an upbeat attitude with a smile :)  

Sully's is a local, family owned small business operating gas stations & convenience stores in Bakersfield, CA.

We are seeking Happy, Hardworking, and Energetic people to join us in our Fast Paced & FUN Environment!

*    Starting at $15.50 per hour
*    Additional, incremental wage potential within 1st year!
*    Weekly Paycheck
*    Part Time Hours Available, Full Time Hours Earned
*    Advancement Opportunities
*    Competitive Health Benefits Package
*    Discounts on Store Merchandise & Gasoline

*      (Earn an additional $1.50 per hour for Overnight hours worked between 10pm-6:30am)

Sully's Promotes from Within! - If you are interested in becoming a Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, or Store Manager, you can quickly grow in our company :)


*    Maintains cheerful, friendly attitude at all times.
*    Works well with others, is able to take orders and follow instruction.
*    Keeps calm under pressure and excels in fast paced environments.
*    Can Multi-task and accomplish duties in an expedited fashion.
*    Provides sincere customer service while accurately transacting sales of fuel and merchandise.
*    Maintains clean and safe work premises in accordance with company standards.
*    Performs routine cleaning, stocking and merchandising as instructed by management.

*  Multiple Locations Available

Sully's Coffee - 6009 Coffee Rd.

Sully's Ming - 11400 Ming Ave.

Sully's Olive - 9709 Olive Dr.

Ming Chevron - 6601 Ming Ave.

Sully's Stockdale - 250 Coffee Rd.

Sully's Buena Vista - 4833 Buena Vista Rd.



*    Ability to read, write and speak English fluently.
*    Ability to work with minimum supervision and stay busy in a fast-paced environment.
*    Arithmetic skills to accomplish customer transactions.
*    Professional handling of customer needs.
*    Capable of learning cash register and lotto machine functions
*    Reliably ring up transactions accurately and balance drawer


*    Frequent bending, twisting and ability to lift at least 50lbs. in narrow spaces.
*    Ability to work unaccompanied, standing for prolonged periods and without defined break periods.
*    Able to accomplish continued indoor/outdoor cleaning & merchandise/supplies stocking schedules.
*    Ability to work for prolonged periods in walk-in coolers at 34 degrees.
*    Periodic exposure to all outdoor conditions at all times of the day.
*    Ability to speak professionally and have telephone interaction with Customers, Vendors and office personnel.


*    A set of Uniform shirts are provided after the 90 day probationary period.
*    Once provided, uniform shirts are laundered weekly and maintained by the company.
*    Until a uniform shirt is issued, new hires will be provided an apron or loaner shirt(s).
*    A solid color (blue, red, or white) polo or button down shirt is required to wear underneath the apron.
*    Employees are required to wear a belt.
*    Employees are required to provide their own pants.
*    Pants or shorts must be solid blue, tan, or black (no cargo). Levi pants are allowed but restrictions do apply.
*    Neat uniform appearance and good personal hygiene must be maintained.
*    Bright artificial hair colors & excessive facial piercings are discouraged and may require approval from HR
*    Reasonable effort must be made to conceal any visible tattoos.


*    Reliable transportation
*    Punctual and able for work on all shifts as assigned, at any of our store locations.
*    Well-organized approach to work and maintenance of work areas.
*    Courteous, business-like contact with co-workers, customers, vendors, and community at large.
*    Good communication skills & a team player in the workplace.

Can't find what you are looking for? Upload your resume and
Join the Talent Community for Sully's!
    Can't find what you are looking for? Upload your resume and Join the Talent Community for Sully's!